When Would You Need Cisco SMARTnet?

Don’t fall for the misconception that warranties and support are a waste of money. While hardware failures are much less common for business-grade equipment, protecting your investment with technical support that extends beyond your business’s internal IT department is never a bad idea.

Avoid costly malfunctions and wasted company time by investing in Cisco SMARTnet. But what issues might call for SMARTnet, and how can Cisco help you in those cases?

When You Need to Look Something Up

Cisco SMARTnet offers a plethora of self-help resources available conveniently online. This extensive knowledge library includes software downloads, tips and tricks, and common troubleshooting advice.

Your IT department might be able to fix most issues without opening a support ticket.

When You Need Replacement Hardware

No matter what model, manufacturer, or product you buy, always expect occasional problems. In the event of a damaged component, sometimes there’s no time to fix the issue.

Instead, rely on Cisco SMARTnet’s fast and efficient replacement process. Business owners can enjoy new replacements within hourly delivery times.

When You Want Software Updates

With hundreds of software suites and programs businesses use daily, keeping track of what’s up to date and what needs upgrading can be a hassle. With SMARTnet, many hardware manufacturers track upgrades directly with Cisco, allowing you to patch security vulnerabilities and improve with newer technologies as soon as new updates are released.

Best of all, the process is mostly automatic, allowing your staff to focus on what matters.

When You Need to Keep Track of Paperwork

From your Cisco inventory management to lifecycle details to contract statuses, SMARTnet simplifies the paperwork by keeping track of all the items you own and all the contracts associated with each device.

Simplify your company’s tech support with SMARTnet total care service and make opening new contract cases easy and simple to navigate.

When You Want to Save Money

It’s no secret digital cyberattacks and equipment failure result in heavy losses for the organizations involved. Cisco SMARTnet customers typically reduce their security breach risk by 65% and save $1.6 million in network downtime with this service according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study.

When You Just Need Support

Cisco SMARTnet’s premier feature is the 24/7 Technical Assistance Center. TAC helps resolve critical issues by sending certified Cisco technicians to your business’s locations. Occasionally, an on-site technician will be assigned to your most remote areas, enabling fast response times.

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  • Networking and server equipment is vital to the operations of any modern business but is also prone to hardware failures and costly downtime.
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