Best Business Networking Equipment: Why Juniper Switches and Routers Should Be High on Your Shopping List

So you’re a manager or owner of a small business that needs some servers or networking hardware. What providers should you turn to? Cisco or Juniper? While Cisco is certainly the most popular brand large enterprises look towards for switches and routers, there are many reasons why small businesses should choose Juniper switches.

Different services and products work well for different scales and use cases. Juniper switches are a great option for many small companies in contrast to other competitors. Let’s go into why.

Juniper Switches Offer Better Value

“Bang for your buck” is naturally not a feature of top-end products. While Cisco might be the best option for larger companies, smaller players get to enjoy lower prices and better consumer choice with Juniper.

The company was founded to provide more flexibility for new and growing firms in response to Cisco’s rigid grip on the industry.

Juniper switches themselves can scale to a wide variety of projects. They range from 12-port switches to large 96-port ones, all with varying Gigabit bandwidth standards.

Juniper Is Gaining Ground in the Networking Industry

Just because they’re not the largest, doesn’t mean Juniper hasn’t improved itself over time. As late as 2015, the company’s market share hit 28%, closing in on Cisco’s 49% share.

This feat can be attributed to Juniper’s focus on high-performance speeds with low latency. Their switches offer the best speed to dollar ratio of many of their competitors.

Not only that, but the company is also entirely focused on pioneering new inventions in networking equipment, switches, and routers. Other alternatives, in contrast, have focused more of their research and development funds diversifying into other markets.

The JUNOS Operating System Makes Networking Efficient and Easy

JUNOS is the operating system that comes with Juniper switches and routers. This OS enables a modular approach to installing your company’s network. Every component is separate from one another so that an issue in one sector isn’t enough to force downtime for your entire system.

Another benefit of JUNOS is the consistent operation of all Juniper equipment in your network. All products, from routing platforms to security to switches, come with a consistent user interface. Other manufacturers tend to have wildly varying user experiences across the board.

Juniper Systems Are More Expandable and Future-Proof

As your business grows, so does your network. With smart coordination and administration of the networking, Juniper systems enable seamless additions of more hardware. Rather than adding bottlenecks, expanding a Juniper system adds more functionality without the hassle.

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  • Among the many providers of networking switches and routers, Juniper might be the best option for small business owners compared to larger services like Cisco for a variety of reasons.
  • Juniper switches, for instance, tend to offer more “bang for your buck” value, more customizability, and a more streamlined experience than the competition.
  • No matter who you ultimately decide on, get your refurbished equipment at Netcon Solutions. You’ll be glad you chose the service that offers the best consumer confidence regardless of your organization’s size, needs, and use cases.

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