Tips for Maintaining Wireless Network Security for Small Businesses

Almost every business nowadays needs to be connected. From IP telephony and VoIP services to cloud-based management, online communication and all its associated risks are unavoidable for the modern business.

Small businesses, in particular, are at high risk of cybersecurity attacks and data breaches. To prevent a costly wireless network security hassle, consider these tips for protecting you and your employees.

Educate the Employees

The employees are typically the weakest link in a business’s cybersecurity defense. No matter how professional your IT department handles itself, take some time to educate your entire staff on basic digital literacy. For instance,

  • Never leave unlocked computers unattended
  • Know how to write a strong password
  • Never open email attachments from unsolicited sources
  • Avoid risky web links
  • Be aware of phishing scams

Keep Up to Date

Online threats constantly evolve, and outdated software is a sitting duck for wireless network security attacks. Keep up by updating all your devices like:

  • Operating systems
  • Antivirus suites
  • Device firmware (such as routers)

You might have to upgrade the hardware in some cases as manufacturers phase out older models from official support.

Protect Your Wi-Fi

Whether it’s free Wi-Fi for your customers or necessary connections for your employees, deploy a firewall, set up a router password, and encrypt any vital information that passes through your network. Separate the public Wi-Fi your customers use from the one used by employees as well.

Finally, use a Virtual Private Network or VPN when accessing important business files. VPNs mask your IP address and encrypt your browsing data. Because free VPN services are typically unreliable, aim for a paid version, as corporate discounts are common for small businesses.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a method for confirming a user’s identity using multiple devices, greatly reducing the chance of identity theft. 2FA is especially important nowadays thanks to the increased prevalence of cloud-based database hijacking.

Other Tips

  • Boost your wireless network security with HTTPS Everywhere, a web browser extension that protects the information you share online with the HTTPS protocol, a more secure alternative to HTTP.
  • Use a password manager like LastPass or KeyPass. These programs can store all your corporate passwords in an encrypted file, preventing leaks while conveniently storing all your passwords in one place. Password managers enable you to use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Encrypt your disk drives for the most vital or vulnerable files. Almost every major operating system from Windows to MacOS to Linux offers full drive encryption.
  • Ultimately, there’s no replacement for simply backing up everything. Hardware failures and data theft can happen to anyone after all.

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  • Any business is vulnerable to wireless network security attacks. There are plenty of tricks and habits you can build up now to keep yourself protected.
  • Educate your staff, encrypt sensitive data, remember to back up, and protect your wireless network access points.
  • If you need secure networking equipment at affordable prices, Netcon Solutions has been providing refurbished packages to enterprise businesses for over 20 years. Contact us soon if you operate around the Toronto area.

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