Sell IBM Used Parts the Right Way: 5 Best Practices for Selling Old Components

While business-grade computer components are designed to last longer than their consumer-grade counterparts, there comes a time when IT servers and parts become outdated and need to be sold.

That old server component? Sell that IBM used part. Got some extra RAM lying around? You could make a quick dollar on eBay.

But before you hit the publish button on your listing page, consider these best practices for selling used computer components online. Sometimes an extra image or comment is enough to boost your earnings significantly.

Providing Enough Documentation When Selling IBM Used Parts

Online buyers have to sift through thousands of manufacturers, brands, makes, and models of servers and other components. Documentation is how the online market for used components can navigate, and it’s your responsibility as a seller to provide sufficient information.

Describe in your listings all the necessary model numbers and specifications required for that part. Many online guides will tell you what you should mention for storage units, networking equipment, hard drives, processors, and graphics cards. In other words, don’t sell an IBM used part before listings its exact model.

Offering Bundles | IBM Used Parts

Many components increase in value when sold alongside other ones. Selling a hard drive along with its carrying caddy is a lot more feasible than selling only the caddy by itself.

At the same time, certain combinations like CPUs and motherboards can occasionally result in less profit thanks to consumers’ expectation for bundle deals. Know your parts well before deciding on the best course of action.

Being Complete in Your Descriptions When Selling IBM Used Parts

Even damaged parts can sell, but don’t take any risks leaving out certain details. If any parts are damaged, explain how it was damaged, when the damage occurred, and what specific piece is damaged if possible.

Don’t expect misrepresenting your listings to earn you anything; at best, you’ll be forced to refund and receive scathing emails back. Plus, building your reputation as an online seller is never a bad thing.

Don’t Cheap Out on Packaging

Used parts don’t have to be packaged in attractive, retail-grade boxes with graphical lettering and eye-catching fonts. Many suppliers dedicated to shipping refurbished parts just use plain cardboard.

However, be aware of how much abuse packages take in transit. Ideally, use the packaging that came with the components. If not, use holders and trays for smaller components like RAM sticks that might be thrown around inside the box.

Including Useful Images

Photographs statistically raise sales in online marketplaces. Customers get a chance to decide on product condition and suitability in just a quick glance. Selling that IBM used part with a clear view of how it looks might convert a few potential customers.

The best pictures are taken in bright, even lighting. This isn’t a photoshoot, so your smartphone camera will do fine. Photographs are also the best way to show off product labels and numbers, as typing them in manually may result in errors.

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