When It’s Time to Buy HP Used Parts – 3 Facts about the Used Market for Networking Equipment

The great thing about business-grade computers and components is that they tend to last longer than their consumer-grade counterparts. Is your business trying to save some of the budget on equipment this year? Why not consider the used or refurbished market? Buying HP used parts could provide you similar quality at a drastically lower cost than buying new.
While used markets certainly aren’t the best option in all cases, many misconceptions about used technology are floating around. We’re going to clear up some facts about buying used corporate networking components here.

Used HP Parts from a Reliable Vendor Should Be in Good Condition

Buying used cars can be risky sometimes, as abused vehicles might cost a lot down the line when repairs are needed.
However, good resellers always require products be at a standard of quality before selling. Some even provide warranties and technical support after a purchase.
In the case of “refurbished” goods, the manufacturer actually cleans, inspects, and checks for any damage on an item before putting it back on the market.

1. You Can Trust Secondary Market Goods to be Authentic

Reputable resellers of refurbished or used computer components always test every item they sell, ensuring no counterfeit, stolen, or black-market goods go through.
Buying HP used parts from a popular reseller with good reviews? Chances are, that reseller did more than just look at the packaging. They undergo their own equipment tests and occasionally work with law enforcement to prevent counterfeits.

2. Third-Party Components and Repairs Are a Viable Way to Keep a Product Running

If a reseller chooses to sell Dell used servers, there’s a chance a stick of RAM or a fan might be malfunctioning. In that case, the reseller might order a third-party replacement before selling the server. This is a perfectly valid strategy, as aftermarket components are usually of similar if not better quality than a machine’s original components.
So just because that Cisco product uses memory from Samsung, doesn’t mean it’s of necessarily worse quality.

3. Finding What You Want in the Used Market Is Easy

Typically, when new generations of products are released, the used market gets flooded with items from the previous generation, still in perfect working condition.
Graphics cards used in animation, modeling, and video editing, for instance, have a huge used market even though sales of new items are consistently high.
Some of the most popular resellers have large inventories of used products ready to be sold, so absolutely go searching even if you think what you want is only available new.

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• The next time you’re buying HP used parts or Dell servers, consider looking to the used market for cheap, quality products.
• Used components can be just as good as new ones, and as long as you choose a reputable reseller, you can be sure the items are genuine, the components are good, and the customer support will be helpful.
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