Time to Pick Up Some Used Cisco POE Switches: The Benefits of Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (POE) is a technology that allows network cables to carry electrical power in addition to network data. For example, it’s common for security cameras to be connected by a network to send its footage to a storage server and a power connector to operate itself. With POE, both connections are made with a single cable.

Potential Applications of POE

POE is a widely-used technology adopted by IT departments in corporate offices. Some common applications include:

  • Surveillance cameras, as mentioned. POE enables fast and easy deployment of security camera systems.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, one of the first applications of POE technology.
  • Network switches are used to connect various networking equipment.

The Advantages

So what makes POE so useful in the business setting? Some of the main reasons IT technicians look towards Power over Ethernet are:

  • Reducing cable clutter, as the reduction of the number of necessary cables makes an office space or server room look neater and easier to manage
  • Opening an electrical outlet to be used for something else
  • Allowing more versatile placement of your devices instead of limiting it to only where power cables can reach
  • Network cables don’t need an electrician to fit them, saving you time on installation
  • POE switches are more easily scalable
  • No special wiring or advanced technical knowledge is necessary to install POE.
  • Broad compatibility thanks to the wide adoption of the IEEE 802.3af standard.

Considerations for POE Switches

Before you go out and pick up a used Cisco POE switch, investigate its specifications to ensure it will fit in with your business’s system well. In particular, look at:

  • The maximum power draw. Multiply the wattage of each switch by the number of switches and supply enough power to support slightly above that figure.
  • The number of ports. Take some time to see how many devices will be connected at one time.
  • Cable requirements. Whether it’s Cat5e or Cat6, make sure the cables you choose have suitable materials and support the transmission length you need.

How to Upgrade

Decided on Power over Ethernet as your business’s next venture into a more productive workflow? One way to upgrade is to pick up a used Cisco POE switch, a network switch with POE technology built-in. Simply connect other networking devices to it, and the switch will detect whether POE is enabled. These types of switches come in many sizes to fit a variety of use cases.

If your devices aren’t POE enabled at first, you can use a POE injector to add compatibility, giving you the benefits of POE technology without having to replace every piece of equipment in your office.

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  • Power over Ethernet, or POE, is a technology every IT department should look into for better flexibility, compatibility, and scalability of networking devices.
  • POE technology is commonly used for VoIP phones and surveillance cameras amongst others.
  • Get top-notch customer support and substantial warranties with Netcon Solutions the next time you pick up some used Cisco POE switches.

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