Used Cisco Equipment Can Be A Resourceful Alternative to New

We have been selling used Cisco equipment since 2001 and have a good track record to compare failure rates. From our experience, when our lab both tests and inspects used Cisco equipment, there is actually a lower chance of failure and warranty return compared to brand new Cisco equipment. The return and replacement of new Cisco equipment is aggravating unless there is a Cisco contract in place.

Some other IT equipment manufacturers are equally frustrating. A smaller reliable company that stands behind their refurbished equipment is important in case there is a need to address any used Cisco equipment problems. As the used Cisco industry matures, our long term reliability and business history gives us an advantage over most of our competitors.

Buyers should feel comfortable in purchasing used Cisco equipment from Network I.T., since we provide a variety of services to help them save money while addressing their network requirements in a more than satisfactory manner. We refurbish and ship reliable used Cisco equipment. We use bubble packaging – to ensure our shipments arrive safely.

We have taken every possible measure to ensure that we do purchase or resell stolen or counterfeit equipment. The counterfeit issue is a big problem these days, especially when Cisco has been known to outsource the manufacturing process. We utilize reliable suppliers for our equipment, but can encounter occasional surprises at what may come in. If and when this happens, we segregate and clearly mark any counterfeit equipment to make sure that it does not re-enter the marketplace. As the saying goes, “the buck stops here.” We feel our experience in this industry has put us ahead of the rest. Our long term experience and reliability help save our customers money in their pursuit of building the optimal networking solution for their businesses.

As a legitimate reseller, Network I.T. can give you a good value for your product. Network I.T. specializes in:

a.            CCIE Equipment

b.            CCNA Equipment

c.             CCNP Equipment

So, if you can’t currently afford to purchase brand new Cisco equipment, you can rely on us to help you save money and still benefit from the high end technology by purchasing used Cisco equipment from us. For order status, delivery status, or billing information pertaining to any of the Cisco equipment we sell, feel free to call us. To know more, please visit

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