Can Facebook’s “Wedge” Switches take over the Computer Networking World Dominated by Used Cisco Switches?

Facebook, better known for taking over the online social media landscape as we know it, has released its own networking Switch, the New York Times recently reported.

This machine is meant to mix the functionality of a computer server with a traditional network device, making it easier for engineers to work with. Most switches today already have graphical interfaces with the necessary functions, but the user interfaces are very primitive in comparison with today’s technology.

This switch, called the “Wedge” is designed to be compatible with commercial and open-source networking products alike. It’s set up to run at 40 GBps (gigabits per second), though that can increase to 100 GBps in the near future.

Does that mean the end of Cisco as we know it? Not exactly. This technology, cool as it looks, is still fairly new and has a lot to be worked on before it can be considered a serious player in the Networking market. In addition, 100 GBps is relatively slow by today’s standards when larger companies are utilizing enterprise-level routers supporting closer to the terabytes in bandwidth.

All that having been said, time will tell how this new technology will affect Cisco’s development of new routers and switches. For now, it’s a concept, albeit a cool concept. Right now, Cisco is still the name-brand networking device of choice for a reason: it’s been tried, tested and proven to be top-quality.

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