Exploring the Advantages of Wireless IP Phones & How They Operate

We’ve all heard the saying: people survived for centuries without telephones. Why do we need one now? Times have changed and it’s now required for people to have a telephone when they are on the run, when they are at work, and when they are at home as well. The advantages of having a quality phone are amazing and it enables carriers to keep in instant contact with people they need to talk to right away. The invention of wireless IP phones has made communication even more convenient and affordable for the discerning business person and that is the topic of our discussion in this featured blog.

A very common question we get asked by friends and family is about setting up Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and what kind of phone is needed. Many people believe that they will have to purchase a new IP phone and hook it up to pricey and difficult to set up systems before they can start using it. Rest assured that this belief is false.
Today’s active employees and employers are becoming more and more mobile. This is a trend that is expected to continue as technologies enable the ability to perform work outside of the workplace. Today’s IP wireless phones (at least with Cisco wireless models) provide much more than “tip and ring” functionality and are powerful tools for streamlining operations, improving productivity and encouraging information sharing.


Once it is set up, a wireless IP phone is as easy to use any other phone you use at home and around the office. The two biggest advantages are cost and versatility. Because a VOIP phone routes calls across the Internet, there is little difference between a local and a long distance call. How much you pay is determined by the service provider. Some service providers charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited calling, while others bill on a per-minute basis. Being wireless, your phone can be used anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi signal, void of any cords and wires.

How Wireless IP Phone Works

A wireless IP phone is dependent on Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) to send and receive voice data in much the same way that a computer or mobile device does. Your voice is converted into digital data, sent from the phone to a Wi-Fi router and then sent over the Internet to a server that directs the data to the other phone. The same process in reverse sends the other person’s voice to your phone. VOIP phones can be used to call or receive calls from other VoIP phones, cell phones and/or landlines.

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