Upgrade Your Skills and Job Performance with CCNA Equipment

Sitting and passing the Cisco CCNA Exam and Certification is arguably your first major step towards a long and prosperous career in Information Technology and Information Systems. Regardless of the specific sub-track you choose, a CCNA certification will bolster your resume and provide you with the experience you need to succeed.

The various CCNA tracks you can choose from are the Cloud, Collaboration, Industrial, Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Wireless tracks. You can choose to certify in one of these tracks, or multiple, depending on your professional goals.

Here are the top three benefits of obtaining your Cisco CCNA certification, regardless of the track you choose. However, to take full advantage of the benefits CCNA certification will provide, you should consider buying used Cisco equipment to study with and learn from.

Get the Networking Job You Have Dreamed Of

Obtaining your CCNA certification is a great addition to your resume. The IT industry is more meritocratic than other industries, so it does not matter if you have any education beyond high school, although the more relevant education and skills you have, the better.

If you do not have the budget to enrol in a Computer Science degree for four years, you can always save money by purchasing the relevant textbooks and buying used Cisco equipment for your exam. If you have an issue understanding certain material, you can always check online forums, blogs, and videos online that can help explain any issue you have.

Setting up your own home network with CCNA equipment is essential when putting the theoretical knowledge you have learned into practice. Take advantage of an accelerated learning curve by not having to share a teacher’s attention with dozens of other students when you study by yourself at home.

Increase Your Job Performance

You may already work in the IT or computer technology industry. If you do, especially at a smaller company or start-up, where employees have a wide breadth of duties, learning how to use CCNA equipment can come in handy. If you increase your learning and excel at work, you may find yourself receiving a promotion or raise wage, and an excellent recommendation if you switch jobs.

The best workers are not those who rely solely on their talent, but who work consistently to improve their ability in the workplace.

The Financial Benefits of CCNA Certification

Depending on your workplace, your employers may offer scholarships to help fund night classes when certifying for your Cisco exams. They may even help you cover costs when buying used Cisco equipment. If not, they may offer some other form of financial incentive like placing you on an increased promotional track if you receive your CCNA certification.

Like you, your employers realize the value of good employees and the savings the company will experience if they do not have to train a new employee to fill a void. The process of hiring and adequately training a job candidate can costs thousands of dollars and months of time before they become profitable to the company. Instead, by upgrading your training with CCNA equipment at the expense of your nights and weekends for a while, they save money, and you can achieve your work goals and ambitions faster. It is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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