Buy IBM Used Servers for These Three Business Ideas

Buying HP used servers and parts does not need to be complicated when it comes to increasing your business’s value and output. Adding an additional server or two to your IT infrastructure is never a bad idea, especially if you work in data analysis, for instance. Here are three reasons why you should think about adding a server to your business today.

Hosting Videos on Your Website

Although professional video hosting sites like YouTube and VIMEO exist and are often frequented by businesses large and small, many businesses choose to host their own videos on their websites to encourage visitors to stay and look around, instead of being distracted by the newest cat video.

However, if you receive an influx of online visitors, or your videos use up a lot of bandwidth, your site may not be able to load as quickly or as efficiently as possible. If this occurs, and you want your videos to remain on your site, consider buying IBM used servers to handle your business needs. Ensure you also buy IBM used parts in case the server is in need of maintenance or repair.

Increased Company Security

Information theft is common in today’s corporate world. However, your data theft does not have to be. Although Netcon Solutions offers IBM servers and parts, you can also buy HP used servers, or buy HP used parts, there as well. We have all the servers and parts necessary to accommodate our clients’ needs, even if these needs are simply due to a company preference.

In addition, once you are done with your server, you can sell HP used servers back to us. You may not want to hold onto your server parts, especially if you decide to purchase a different company’s servers instead. Sell HP used parts back to us as well. The last thing we want is for you to lose data or not be able to sell IBM used servers or IBM used parts, for instance, that you currently are not using.

A Great Way to Share Information

Although this point may seem antithetical to the previous one, it can actually work in symbiosis with it. If an important file is continually updated but resides on one employee’s computer, the rest of the office may need to find the staff member in question before they can access the file. Transferring data via email or flash drive could pose a security risk to you and your clients. However, with a separate server, connected to each office computer, hosting important files for the office to access is possible. Buy IBM used servers to find which server is right for you, and your business.

If you need to, you can also switch out your computer and the office server, especially if you need a program that is installed on the server. A server is no different than your computer. It is a computer that stores important folders and files.

While servers are often “dedicated servers,” performing only server functions, they can be used as personal desktops, and be swapped out for them as well. If you need a top-quality server, look no further than IBM’s product line of servers, and buy IBM used parts or servers. When you are done with them, simply sell them back to us. It is that simple.

If you would like to buy IBM used parts a used server for your business, contact Netcon Solutions in Toronto today. Our many clients in Toronto and the GTA buy and sell IBM used parts and servers, depending on their ever-changing business needs. We also stock, buy, and sell HP used servers and parts. For more information, please contact us at our website.

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