For the Ultimate Office Professional, Try the Used Cisco CP-7942G Today

Do you need a robust, durable VoIP phone to handle your excessive work volume? Do you need a phone that stands up to a significant amount of calls per day? Do you need a work phone that has multiple functions, including presence information and wideband audio? Look no further than a used Cisco CP- 7942G.

The CP-7942G is a great choice when considering which used Cisco IP & Wireless phones to purchase for the office. With more features than your private cellular phone, and backed by the Cisco advantage and reputation that each Cisco product proudly carries, you cannot go wrong with a VoIP phone like that.

Cisco phones, and used Cisco IP & Wireless phones in general, are also more secure than private cellular phones, which is a necessity in our increasingly connected world, where information and company data must be protected at all times from hackers.

More Features than Cellular Phones Can Provide

While cellular phones are prolific in all corporate settings, you and your colleagues should turn them off while at work. While you can call clients and negotiate sales on your private personal phones, they do not offer as many features and functions as used Cisco IP & Wireless phones and will reduce your potential work capacity if you use them.

The used Cisco CP-7942G, for instance, includes two phone lines, both of which are completely programmable, a five inch LCD Monochrome screen, and two network ports, among other features. Cisco phones are simply more useful for conducting business with than on your cellular phone, no matter how attached you feel to it.

The Cisco Advantage

Cisco is an industry leader when it comes to their technology and the products they produce. The closest commercial technology company to Cisco in terms of quality and durability is Nokia. However, Cisco offers more features in their products, and a wider selection as well, than Nokia. The most popular phone companies, like Google, Apple, and Samsung, do not come close to Cisco VoIP phones in terms of quality, even though they offer feature-intensive phones as well.

With a regular cellular phone, or even an iPhone, you only have one phone line and they can be easily broken if dropped on their monitor. Accidents happen, but they should not affect your bottom line. Leave them in your desk drawer and use a used Cisco CP-7942G instead for all relevant business matters. You will be happy that you chose to.

Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones: The Secure Choice

Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones, like the used Cisco CP-7942G, come with Ethernet ports and switches, which allow you to directly connect your VoIP phone to a secure Internet connection and network, instead of using your private cellular phone for calls. When you use public WiFi, for instance, or your own phone, you leave yourself vulnerable to security risks like someone stealing your data or contact list. However, by using a secure line, you keep company information away from prying eyes.

If you are looking for used Cisco IP & Wireless phones for the GTA or Toronto office, try out a used Cisco CP-7942G model today. It can stand up to the highest work demands, with many features that will accommodate your busy schedule, including a hands-free headset so you can work and remain productive while calling clients. Other models available for purchase at Netcon Solutions in Toronto include the used Cisco CP-7961G and the used Cisco CP-7962G, two more great models that you should try out at the office. For more information, please contact us at our website today.

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