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Not many entrepreneurs invest in a service rather than a product. Most new business owners believe they need to invent an amazing and original product to compete in the marketplace. However, your value as a company is determined by the value others perceive you providing them. Whether or not you provide customers and clients with goods, or services, is irrelevant.

Buying used Cisco equipment, learning how to operate it, and then offering training lessons to other business owners, and individuals interested in obtaining Cisco certifications, is a great idea for a business. Here is a process by which you can turn this business idea into a reality.

Buy Used Cisco Equipment

This step is self-explanatory. Simply learning the theoretical aspects of how Cisco equipment works from textbooks and online forums is not enough to retain the material. You need to also practice what you have learnt in regular intervals to ensure you know it. In addition, if you buy used Cisco equipment, you can use it to train others in how to operate the equipment. This will help accelerate their learning curve as well, which can result in increased success rates among your students. As well, selling used Cisco equipment as part of the class fees your students pay is another revenue stream you can add to your business endeavor.

Train Everyday

Make sure you that you only buy used Cisco equipment because, if you are going to practice with information technology (IT) equipment every day for at least months on end, your equipment should be reliable and durable. Other companies cannot match Cisco’s reputation as a leading company in the IT field.

As such, buying used Cisco equipment is a great investment that is sure to save you money in the long-term, especially since you will not have to replace it due to equipment failure or mechanical difficulties. When you sell used Cisco equipment to your students, they can use it for a significant period of time as well.

Offer Classes to Local Businesses and Individuals

After you become knowledgeable in using Cisco equipment, write and pass whichever Cisco certifications you are interested in. You will need to show proficiency when attempting to gain students. For those students that are complete beginners, they may be interested in including the relevant textbooks and other materials in the course fees. Selling used Cisco equipment to students is also a good idea.

They too will need to practice with equipment while training for their own certifications. In the case of providing training to businesses and business owners, you may want to sell used Cisco equipment to them as well, as they can always implement this equipment into their own IT infrastructure after they learn how to operate it.

Sell Used Cisco Equipment Back To Us

If you do not feel you want to sell used Cisco equipment to your students, you can always sell it back to us. For business owners with limited budgets, this option is a great way to get rid of their unnecessary inventory that you have, while being able to fund future business ventures. There is virtually no risk involved in this, as you can buy and sell used Cisco equipment to us, or others. You not only recoup all costs this way, but you get to use quality equipment at a great deal.

Whether you want to buy or sell used Cisco equipment, Netcon Solutions can help. We have sold used Cisco equipment to many clients in and across Toronto and the GTA. Start your own business training others to use Cisco equipment today. You may find it is a lucrative market. For more information, please visit us at our website.

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