If You’re a Gamer Start Using Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

Although Internet users of every age will enjoy surfing the web with used Cisco Gigabit switches, resulting in a faster connection, gamers, both amateur and professional, will be very glad they made the switch. Being able to surf the web at 100 times your previous Internet speed, experiencing faster audio and video streaming speeds, all the while saving you time and money, are all benefits you will see when you make the switch.

In addition, with a leading IT company like Cisco, who has decades of experience and prestige behind their products, you cannot go wrong with their used products, especially used Cisco routers and switches. Upgrade today and enjoy the difference quality makes, especially when you are streaming at one Gigabit per second!

The Gigabit Difference

Similar to when you switched from dial-up to broadband Internet back in the day, switching to used Cisco Gigabit switches from your previous setup will result in blazingly-fast speed that you are sure to notice, day in and day out. If you are a gamer and require a fast Internet speed to remain competitive in your favorite game, consider purchasing some used Cisco Gigabit switches today. They are the next evolution in Internet speed.

The Internet connection that used Cisco Gigabit switches provides is approximately 100 times faster than if you were using an Ethernet cable connection, which only transmitted and transferred data at top speeds of around 10 Mbsp. The difference will be clear the moment you start up your system and start surfing the web or gaming.

Faster Audio and Video Streaming

Depending on the games you like to play, you may need a fast Internet connection to do well and win the game. Game engines sometimes require bandwidth to send data from the game server to your gaming computer. The longer it takes for your computer to receive all the necessary information, especially if you are playing in real-time, the longer you will have to wait.

Without a fast connection, preferably from used Cisco Gigabit switches, you may find your game lagging between updates or level changes when the game engine updates your settings. Avoid these problems today, by increasing the speed of your Internet connection!

Save Time and Money

When you purchase used Cisco routers and switches, you get to save money and use top quality devices simultaneously, and at a fraction of the price when sold new. Very few companies and their products, especially in information technology, retain value like Cisco’s do, even when you purchase used units from a retailer. Cisco, the gold standard in IT for decades, is a trustworthy company whose products retain that value over even their closest competitor, Juniper. Purchase the best in IT for a fraction of the price!

In addition, you will save time when you upgrade your system with used Cisco Gigabit switches. The ability to game and surf the web at 100 times your previous speed will save you so much time in the long-term. You will be glad you made the switch to a faster Internet connection, whether you are a gamer, downloading or uploading information to the web, or working on a fast-approaching work deadline. There is no downside to increasing your work output and ability. Consider making the switch today!

Netcon Solutions in Toronto stocks used Cisco routers and switches, especially used Cisco Gigabit switches, for customer consumption. If you live in Toronto or the GTA and you would like to upgrade your Internet speed to game more efficiently while saving time and money, or to learn more information, please contact us at our website.

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