Trust Experience, Not Every Phone Upgrade is Worth It

Many small business owners just starting out either use their personal phones to conduct business, or they purchase a smartphone to use as an all-in-one device to remain productive throughout the day.

However, if you were to purchase used Cisco & IP wireless phones instead, you would not only reduce workplace inefficiency, but you would increase workplace productivity as well. While smartphones offer more functions like direct access to the Internet and email, which many small business owners can use to their advantage, such phones also offer more distractions. The amount of games and apps available at your fingertips can be overwhelming and you may find yourself taking too many breaks to play the newest version of Angry Birds as a result every few hours!

Instead, consider “downgrading” from your smartphone to a used Cisco CP-7962G phone instead, at least when at work. With a balancing and efficient compromise between phone features and increased durability, this phone can make all the difference, whether you are concerned about closing sales, contacting clients, or tracking shipping orders, and more.

The Used Cisco CP-7962G: “Old School” Practices and New-Age Business

Purchasing a used Cisco CP-7962G is one of the best decisions any new business owner can make when acknowledging Cisco’s superiority at delivering durable and reliable products that last longer and perform better than their competition, like Juniper Networks or Sun Microsystems. While all the top companies in the IT industry are great, Cisco is the leader for their brand-name recognition and for the quality of goods and services they provide.

Everyone from part-time receptionist to owners and operators will love the used Cisco CP-7962G phone. With six backlit line and feature buttons, all of which are fully programmable, as well as all the regular call features and functions you expect in an office phone, the Cisco CP-7962G is well worth the price, even when used.

If security is an issue for you and your company, especially when you are trying to avoid telemarketers and cellular scammers, you can rest assured. The used Cisco CP-7962G shows each caller’s name and number clearly on a 4-bit grayscale LCD monitor for your visual convenience. Never miss the name and contact information of another client or lead again, with a proven office phone.

You can also use your phone hands-free, a design feature specifically intended for the busy professional. Multitask and complete more during the day with a Cisco phone. In addition, with language support available for over thirty languages, you can help your foreign tourist clientele, as well as any clients who immigrated to the country recently.

Consider Downgrading to Better Technology

We as people often think that newer technology is automatically better. However, with regards to telecommunications equipment, we now know that popular phrase is not always accurate, depending on the situation. As a business owner, you need to use the best technology for your job. Sometimes, the best technology is that which has been around for a while, and has been tested by years of experience.

The newest smartphone off the shelf does not even compare in terms of productivity to the used Cisco CP-7962G, or other used Cisco IP & Wireless phones. Each phone has a purpose. Smartphones are best left to personal use, outside of the office. However, when you are in the office, use the best. Use Cisco technology. You cannot go wrong with the used Cisco CP-7962G.

Netcon Solutions has services clients in and around Toronto and the GTA. If you want to downgrade your phone and upgrade your business productivity, consider purchasing used Cisco & IP wireless phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7962G. Visit our website to learn more.

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