Used Cisco Gigabit Switches and the Brain-Body Connection

As a small business owner, you may be confused about the difference between used Cisco routers and switches. Do not be embarrassed. This is a common mistake many small business owners make when first starting out. After all, the world of information technology (IT) can seem daunting at first. However, in time, navigating your way around your IT infrastructure will become much easier as you learn more and more about it.

Think about the difference between routers and switches as the difference between the brain and the body. The brain tells your body how to act, and your body fulfills those commands. Similarly, the router instructs the IT system how to act and, using switches, the system fulfills these commands. A switch by itself cannot issue commands.

Routers often fulfill tasks like managing the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for all your computers and devices on the network (think of IP addresses like regular addresses for houses). They also provide firewall services (similar to a home’s security system), traffic management on the network (makes the system more efficient by regulating its behavior, much like a parent does for a child), manages security restrictions (like blocking unwarranted access to the system or certain functions within it), and wireless access to the network.

Switches, like used Cisco POE (Power over Ethernet) switches or used Cisco Gigabit switches, are the “body” of the network. They physically connect multiple computers within a network (like the tendons which hold muscles to the skeleton), manage traffic between computers (how different parts of the body communicate with each other, and are simultaneously with a router (a body without a brain is useless). However, there are also things that switches cannot do, similar to the limitations of the human body.

Switches do not provide networked computers and devices with IP addresses. That is a duty of the router. Switches also connect with the external world outside the network via the router. Similarly, when we connect with people, we use words and actions that originate in the brain. We do not act without thinking about our actions.

The Difference of Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

Imagine the body on performance enhancing drugs. Every bodily process connected to performance is heightened, and you quickly become stronger, faster, more agile, etc. Well, when compared to used Cisco POE switches, used Cisco Gigabit switches act like the positive benefits one experiences when using performance-enhancing drugs. When computers on your IT network communicate with each other, whether they are accessing or sharing files for instance, your network will be able to act at speeds ten times faster than previous generation switches, like used Cisco POE switches. This is a remarkable difference in speed, which will greatly benefit your network productivity.

However, you should not rely just on used Cisco Gigabit switches for this boost in performance. Every component in your network needs to be “gigabit compliant.” If not, your network will not be able to run well. This is similar to watching a tennis player, golf player, or baseball pitcher perform while using performance-enhancing drugs. Since their sport does not utilize the entire body like swimming for instance, such individuals generally wear out a specific section of their body and do not function well as a result.

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