Top Two Reasons to Upgrade to IP Telephony and VoIP

One of the best Cisco network consulting and support services a business can purchase, as an investment in generating future revenue, is IP Telephony and VoIP. If you are a young small business owner, it is more than likely you are at least familiar with IP Telephony and VoIP, if you do not use such systems yourself.

However, older business owners may still be using a legacy phone system or an out-dated system that is not helping your productivity. Here are the top two reasons why you should upgrade your telephone system to IP Telephony and VoIP, and the benefits they will have on your business.

You Already Have the Infrastructure

IP Telephony and VoIP services require an Internet connection to run. Since the Internet is everywhere nowadays, and you may even have it in your business, all you need to do is choose an IP Telephony and VoIP plan and retailer. Using your Internet connection to its fullest capabilities is great for businesses that operate in cities and towns, as your connection will remain consistently strong, especially in commercial districts.

The strength and value of using an Internet connection for IP Telephony and VoIP can also have positive effects on your business, leading to an increase in sales. While older phone systems had issues in network integration and long-distance connection, integrating your phone system with a wireless network will result in a stronger and improved phone connection with customers.

A dropped call may be the difference between a successful sale and a failed one. Since you already have the infrastructure, the switch to an improved system is only a call away.

The Countless Extra Features in IP Telephony and VoIP

There are many extra services included in IP Telephony and VoIP that you simply cannot find in a legacy phone system. Your phone system can perform many functions, even those that are not typically available on a phone system, like voicemail to email transcription, which can help you file important information faster and more easily. You can now check your voicemails on your emails while waiting in line at the store or while at home.

Another great service included in IP Telephony and VoIP services is the ability to integrate your phone system with your security system. If you carry expensive products or have lots of cash in-store by the end of your daily operating hours, merging these two systems adds another layer of security, without any downsides.

All you have to do is add an analog door phone in your IP Telephony and VoIP system, which will allow you to screen visitors. If you have banned certain individuals from your store, like known local thieves for instance, being able to control the people that can enter your store is of paramount importance.

You can also add a list of telephone numbers your IP Telephony and VoIP system will attempt to contact before going to voicemail. This is a great feature if you are out of the office and need to remain in contact with customers or suppliers. You never have to worry about missing an urgent call while in your car, at a business meeting, or even at home.

If you cannot be reached at any of the numbers you programmed into your phone system, the call will be sent to voicemail. If you activate voicemail to email transcription, you can still receive important messages on your smartphone with an email app and a WIFI or data connection. You will never have to worry about missing important information left on your voicemail again!

If you would like more information on Cisco network consulting and support services, especially IP Telephony and VoIP, please contact us at our website. Netcon Solutions has helped small businesses across Toronto and the GTA install IP Telephony and VoIP and save money.

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