The Benefits of Buying Used Dell, HP and IBM Used Servers

Whether you are a new business owner, or you have years and decades of experience, you know that the strength of your IT department and workers depends on the equipment they use. While it may not be the fashionable thing to do, and you may doubt the quality, purchasing used servers can be very beneficial for you and your company. Used servers are cheaper than their newer counterparts, more reliable and higher quality than off-the-shelf servers, and come with great support from both the manufacturer and the retailer as well.

Since used IT equipment is cheaper, if you purchase a used server and would like to sell it back, Netcon Solutions may buy and sell Dell, HP and IBM used servers and parts from you in the future, as well. Here are the top three reasons why you should purchase a used server today.

Used Servers Are More Affordable

Regardless of how large your business is, the bottom line is to lower your expenses and raise your revenue consistently. Purchasing new equipment when used equipment is available and just as good is an unnecessary expense most businesses cannot afford. Purchasing a new server is disadvantageous to your company for two reasons. First, they are much more expensive when purchased new. Second, for the price of one new server, you could buy many older servers or update and better configure your used units.

Not only will the money be spent as an investment in the future success of your company, but your used units will run even better than the basic newer models. Brand names matter however, making the purchase of Dell, HP and IBM used servers and parts a great way to ensure your IT department runs smoothly, even if they do not meet their budget.

Quality Is Assured, with Dell, HP and IBM Used Servers and Parts

In the previous section, we showed how it is easier for businesses on a budget to upgrade used servers than newer ones, due to the price difference between a used and a new model. Used servers are able to provide a higher level of quality than newer models. Newer servers may be more prone to glitches, especially if they are a newer make or model by a company, even if the company is trusted like Dell, HP and IBM are. These newer models simply have not been beta tested enough.

When you buy a new server, you may encounter functionality problems, which is frustrating. Not only are you and your business inconvenienced by these issues, but you might have to wait a while until a software patch or hardware replacement is sent by the manufacturer to fix your problem. A used server, however, has been tested extensively by other businesses just like yours, making them a more reliable option.

Manufacturer and Retailer Support

When you purchase Dell, HP and IBM used servers and parts, you gain more than just a time-tested unit. You also gain great product support from the manufacturer and the retailer. Newer servers and IT equipment are not as tested as older units, and the quality of customer support may therefore be lacking for newer models. When you purchase used servers and parts, not only is there a greater amount of information on these units available from the manufacturer and retailer, but also online as well.

Fixing issues with older units or making them run more efficiently is much easier when you can look at online forums filled with business owners and IT workers who have had the same problem or goal as you. Much less information exists on newer units.

In addition, the difference in customer support services between newer and older models is negligible, if there is a difference at all. Both the manufacturer and retailer of new and used servers, especially Dell, HP and IBM used servers and parts, stand behind their products and try to help their customers as much as possible.

Netcon Solutions, located in Toronto, will buy and sell Dell, HP and IBM used servers and parts. We provide quality used servers for affordable prices to business owners in Toronto, and across the GTA. For more information on our used servers, please visit our website.

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