How to Start Using Cisco SMARTnet

The best investment a small business can make in their future prosperity is purchasing the best equipment they can afford. Cisco products, while expensive when new, lead the information technology (IT) market. Both new and used Cisco products come with Cisco SMARTnet, which also elevates Cisco’s brand reputation as being one of the best around for IT technology.

Cisco SMARTnet is a support contract you receive whenever you buy a Cisco product like a router or switch. All authorized sellers and resellers of Cisco products, like Netcon Solutions, provide Cisco SMARTnet contracts for their Cisco products. There are several levels of support in a SMARTnet contract, ranging from technical support to equipment replacement, depending on the level you purchase.

However, for newcomers to the IT industry, it is hard to know the exact Cisco SMARTnet contract that is right for them. Here are two considerations one should consider when purchasing a SMARTnet contract.

The Level of Support of Your Cisco Hardware SMARTnet Contract

When you get a Cisco SMARTnet contract, you can decide on the level of support you need for your small- or medium-sized business. Different levels of support offer varying services that you may or may not need, depending on your business. The level of support you receive also depends on how much you want to spend when purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet contract.

Cisco SMARTnet can have up to four levels of support you can purchase with your Cisco product. The highest level, SMARTnet 24x7x2 includes a two-hour response to queries 24/7, regardless of the day (holidays and weekends are included).

The lowest level, Cisco SMARTnet 8x5xNext Business Day, is the most comprehensive level of support offered and its availability depends on the area your business is located in. If you are able to purchase this level of support, you will receive a four-hour response time to your queries from Cisco if you contact them between 9AM and 5PM. Replacement units are delivered by the next business day if Cisco receives your request before 3PM. If you contact Cisco after 3PM, your replacement unit will be shipped the following day.

While a better quality of support may seem more beneficial to your business, price is a factor that cannot be ignored. Your business may be too small to justify that expense. You might also not need anything beyond the most basic support level. Analyze your business’s priorities to see which level of support is best for you.

Whether to Buy SMARTnet Onsite or Not

Cisco SMARTnet Onsite is another great feature you can purchase as an addition to your Cisco support contract. Onsite is a more hands-on level of support that is perfect for businesses that either need help installing their Cisco products, or are too busy to do so. When you purchase Cisco SMARTnet Onsite, you can rest assured that your new Cisco products will be installed correctly. A certified field engineer from Cisco will come to your business and install everything for you.

Beyond this benefit, which is very helpful for business owners that do not have lots of IT experience, Cisco SMARTnet Onsite provides features of the general Cisco SMARTnet contract like software support, a large database of information available at, and productivity tools like internet commerce tools and peer-to-peer online forums. Onsite service is a great resource that businesses should take advantage of, especially if they have the budget to do so.

Netcon Solutions is an authorized Cisco retailer in Toronto, helping small businesses purchase the best Cisco products for their business needs. Each Cisco product comes with Cisco SMARTnet contract. If you own and operate a business in Toronto or the GTA and would like more information on Cisco SMARTnet contracts, please visit our website for more information.

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