JUNOS OS: Juniper Routers’ and Switches’ Secret Advantage

JUNOS Operating System (OS) may not be a secret in the conventional sense of the word. After all, practically everyone working in the IT field knows the operating system exists. However, for newcomers and those interested in an IT career, the JUNOS OS and Juniper routers and switches tend to be overshadowed by the more famous CISCO equipment.

While CISCO routers and switches are better known, there are several advantages JUNOS hold over their competition, which makes Juniper switches and routers hard to beat! Here are the top four benefits you will gain when using Juniper switches and routers.

A Better User Experience Means Less Programming Errors

JUNOS’s operations are automated, which help reduce any errors users might come across. Usage of, and training in, Juniper routers and switches is simplified, and therefore easier, due to the simple implementation of each feature. This prioritization of one feature at a time when using Juniper equipment creates a simplified and familiar experience for users, which help them become acclimated to using Juniper routers and switches.

A more familiar user experience means that users are less likely to make errors when programming their Juniper switches or routers due to their increased familiarity with the software.

A More Secure Operating System

One of the chief concerns of any IT professional is that the equipment they are using is secure. While 100% security can never be guaranteed for any platform or software, it should be as secure as possible. Juniper takes security seriously with its JUNOS software, protecting its equipment with firewalls and VPNs among other security devices. When you use Juniper switches and routers, you are benefiting immensely from using JUNOS OS, one of the most secure and stable operating systems on the market today.

The JUNOS Shell Makes Programming Easier

Sooner or later, you will want to program your Juniper switches and routers. Unlike other operating systems that do not provide feedback until you have finished programming and want to debug your code, JUNOS’s shell allows you to get feedback while coding whenever you want. Officially, you should not enter the command shell and alter the software because you can crash your Juniper router, for instance. However, if you are knowledgeable enough about Juniper hardware and software to avoid that, you will enjoy the increased efficiency of programming in the JUNOS shell.

You can also access the shell by contacting the Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC), as you are officially advised to do by Juniper. The company may not claim any responsibility though if you brick your Juniper router and void company policy.

The Benefit of Using JUNOS’s Modular Architecture

The modular architecture of JUNOS OS provides many advantages when using Juniper switches and routers. The first benefit of JUNOS’s modular architecture is that it allows you to have full control of your own module, using individual control plane processes. Since each module has its own memory partition, you can run your own modified software while preventing your module from influencing other parts of the system. No other module will be affected by your programming changes and neither will the JUNOS OS.

Since modules are isolated from each other, any process that runs in one module will not be shared with other modules. Not only can you find errors more easily, but your Juniper routers and switches are also easier to fix if a problem arises. Once you figure out the root cause of the problem and find its source, you will be very happy you used JUNOS’s modular architecture.

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