Used Cisco CP-7961G: The Best Telephone You Are Not Using in the Office

VoIP (Voice over IP) telephones are a staple of any commercial office or small business. They are more secure than regular phones, have more features, and are more resilient and durable, providing top quality for years. However, even with VoIP telephones, some makes and models are better than others, especially when you purchased Cisco-brand hardware, which is the best on the market. Here are the top three reasons why you should use the used Cisco CP-7961G in your office today!

The Used Cisco CP7961G Makes Working Easier

Days at the office are always hectic. New clients and new situations always arise that can test even the best office employees. Luckily, technology keeps improving to meet the demands of modern office work. Purchase a used Cisco CP7961G today. Its features will make your workday much easier.

Used Cisco CP7961G’s provide six phone lines, two Ethernet ports to power over Ethernet, support the SIP and SCCP protocols, and contain a button dedicated to direct voicemail access. All of these features can be viewed on a 320×222 4-bit gray-scale LCD display for maximum clarity and efficiency. If there was ever a reason to pick up a VoIP phone for the office, this is it.

Using a VoIP Phone like the used Cisco CP-7961G is Great for Security

The option to power your phone over Ethernet, using one of two Ethernet ports, is a great option by itself to purchase this phone. Establishing and maintaining a power-over-Ethernet (POE) network in your office offers a sense of freedom during the workday. You will no longer be reliant on AC electrical outlets to power your devices (they can now be powered and controlled remotely). Limited office space or resources is no longer burdensome to your productivity and sales.

POE networks also offer you more control over your connected devices. You or your information technology specialists can turn on or off the phone at will, which is a necessity when someone accesses your used Cisco CP7961G phones without permission. Information security is a vital need in our modern society, and controlling every facet of your network is of great importance to protecting yourself and preventing others from taking control over your network.

Expand Your Business with VoIP Phones

VoIP Phones are a great investment for small and medium-sized businesses that are earnest to grow. The ability to work remotely is an immense boon to productivity and your workers will be very happy they can work from other offices, home, or countries, using VoIP technology.

As iterated earlier in this article, using VoIP phones in your office is safe. In addition, remote control over your information technology and Ethernet-powered network can provide numerous security advantages that other systems lack. Being able to control the VoIP phones in your business is a great way to ensure your employees that work remotely are accountable for their actions and that the information they possess, like a contact list of clients and business partners, is secure.

Grow your business without needing to worry about security breaches. Used Cisco CP-7961G telephones are great for this purpose. From the reliability and durability Cisco provides with every product they manufacture, to the enhanced security features and flexibility offered via POE networks, using VoIP phones should be a top priority for your business if you have not already purchased some.

Netcon Solutions is a leading purveyor of new and used Cisco networking and systems equipment. If you are in the market for used Cisco IP & wireless phones, or you want to pick up a used Cisco CP-7961G phone today for your office, contact us at our website. We have years of experience providing great products to clients throughout Toronto and the GTA.

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