Top Three Reasons to Add Juniper Routers to Your Network

Information technology can be a tough field to understand at first. It contains its own lingo, words that mean one thing in general conversation can mean something completely different when talking about tech, and you are expected to know a lot. Beginners are often intimidated by new tech words like “router,” “switch,” and “hub.” It can be difficult at first to understand terms like these, but also the differences between these terms.

This article will break down what a router is, and why you need one for your business network. If you do not know what a router is, have no fear because you will by the end of this article.

Routers are devices that you add to your network. They are hardware, so they are physical devices. Routers often include firewalls, which add another level of protection to your network. The router itself is a device that connects multiple devices to your network. You can connect your devices with either cables, or wirelessly with Juniper routers.

Still, it can be difficult to tell if a router is right for you, especially a Juniper router. Here are three reasons why the inclusion of routers can benefit your network security, and your business.

Increased Security

Security is of great importance to any business owner or operator. You need to keep your information safe, secure, and accessible. With a router, you can increase your network’s security. Routers have built-in firewalls which add another layer of security to its network. Every increased level of security makes your network that much more secure.

Routers remap your devices onto a separate private local network. This private local network remaps and assigns another IP address to your network. Your private local network IP is different than your public local network IP address. The advantage of having a private and a public local network address adds a buffer between your network and the Internet. This is one of the most common reasons why people buy Juniper routers.

Connect Multiple Devices to the Internet

Usually, you have to connect each device to the Internet individually. This can be a chore if you have multiple devices. Even sorting through the Ethernet cables to find one connection can be difficult. Instead of having to connect each device individually, you can use Juniper routers to connect each device wirelessly.

No more wires means less mess in the IT section of your office. Connecting via a private wireless network is a simple and secure way to protect your network, while also allowing approved devices to connect to the network as well.

Share Files More Easily

The purpose of a router is to connect multiple devices to a network, and then facilitate the sharing of information between those devices, or between those devices and devices on other networks. Adding a router to your network is a great idea if you either upload or download tons of data and need to make that process easier.

All your devices will be wirelessly connected to a single private local network. You and others using approved devices will be able to share files more easily, and more securely. There is no price that you can put on business security. This just makes the inclusion of a router even more valuable to your network security.

Installing a router can be very beneficial to your network’s functionality and security. Juniper routers and Juniper switches are top-quality devices that you should consider adding to your network today. For more information or to purchase used or new Juniper routers and switches contact us online at our website today. We have been servicing clients throughout Toronto, Ontario, Canada and globally for over 20 years.

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