Cisco SMARTnet Service Contracts are Worth Every Penny

When you purchase a Cisco product, make sure you purchase a corresponding Cisco SMARTnet plan with it as well. Doing so is prudent and will save you hours of headaches in the future should your product ever break or fail after years of use. Even the best equipment breaks down eventually and you need to ensure that when it does, your business workflow will not be crippled.

Now, when it comes to service contracts, many people play it fast and loose. They take a gambler’s risk and believe that nothing bad will ever happen to their equipment, even if they bought it used. However, hardware always breaks down over time. Dust in your machines can slow them down, an electrical storm can short the power connections, and someone could accidentally spill water on the machine’s internals.

Anything can happen, and you need to ensure that your equipment is protected for when that occurs. The best way to ensure this is by purchasing an official service contract from Cisco whenever you purchase a Cisco product.

All you are doing is protecting your valuable investment and is no different than purchasing comprehensive car insurance when purchasing a luxury vehicle. The same principle is true for computing and information technology equipment.

But I Was Told That Service Contracts Don’t Matter

Service contracts matter if you need them. For businesses, they are essential. You need to ensure that your Cisco equipment continues working, even when it does not. Every moment that your website is online and that your Cisco equipment works is a moment that can be monetized. Every moment that a piece of Cisco equipment is down is a moment that your IT staff have to worry about fixing the issue, and not working on keeping your network running and secure.

Service contracts matter and this is why Cisco SMARTnet is so popular among Cisco customers. In part, this is due to the premium price you need to pay for Cisco equipment. Cisco customers understand the importance of protecting their investments.

However, this is expected, since Cisco equipment really has no equal when it comes to information technology. Cisco is an industry leader with a solid reputation that has been built by decades of quality software, hardware, and fulfilling service contracts like Cisco SMARTnet.

Even though you have quality Cisco equipment, you should still purchase a SMARTnet plan. There is no telling when something will break or fail, even after many years of faithful service. You need to ensure that your workflow is not disrupted as a result.

The Benefits of SMARTnet Plans

There are varying levels of SMARTnet plans that you can purchase. Some, like the basic plan, come with access to a 24-hour telephone guidance center. There, you can get your questions answered and you can receive help to troubleshoot your equipment. More expensive plans, by contract, include on-site help from Cisco employees who will service your equipment should it fail.

There is no telling which plan is best for you. You will need to consider the varying benefits each plan offers, the costs of each plan, and whether the coverage included in the plan is beneficial to your business’s goals. If so, purchase that plan.

Ensure that your workflow is not interrupted when your equipment goes down. To learn more about the different levels of a Cisco SMARTnet plan, as well as more benefits to purchasing one, please visit us, either in-store at Netcon Solutions in Markham or online at our website today. We have been servicing companies throughout Toronto, Ontario and Canada as well as globally for over 15 years.

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