Sell HP Used Parts to Entrepreneurs

Landing on a profitable business is difficult. Everyone wants to do it but few can. Simply finding a business solution that is inherently profitable from Day 1 is like winning the entrepreneurial lottery.

This brings us to servers. Servers have many uses. Even if you have no use for them, others do. One thing that servers are great for is building affordable gaming computers. With this knowledge, you can easily convince a budding entrepreneur to purchase your old and unused servers and server parts. That entrepreneur can turn old servers and parts into gaming PCs, and sell the PCs for a profit. Everyone wins in this situation. Here are four reasons why.

The Return on Investment

For an entrepreneur who is in need of a project, building gaming computers can be an excellent venture. People always pay premium for custom items. After all, there is a reason why set prices do not exist for custom products. The seller prices his or her items as he or she values them, and customers purchase custom items due to their rarity and customizability.


An excellent entrepreneur can easily charge quite a few percent more than the labor and materials are worth, especially when re-purposing old servers and parts that you sell them. This results in an excellent business model. You can sell HP used parts and servers and make your money back on the transaction. The entrepreneur gets an affordable server, as well as server parts, to affordably run a custom gaming PC building business.

Unlike many businesses that struggle to make profits, embedding a sensible profit model into your business model will ensure that your gross revenues are higher than your net revenues, regardless of how scaled your business is.

A New Business Connection

Connections are important in business. They practically are the reason behind many new hires, new equipment, and new opportunities. It is not just about what you know, but who you know. New hires, if they are good, get passed around from company to company when these employees choose to leave. A good worker with a good track record for success will rarely find him or herself out of work.

New equipment can be bought at a discount if you purchase equipment in bulk from a loyal customer or client. New opportunities, especially potentially profitable ones like building gaming PCs, can pop up out of nowhere.

A new business connection can be a great thing to have; even if you have to pass on the opportunity you are being offered. Just having an offer is great for your connectivity. Another offer will come around.

The Gaming Market

The gaming market is expensive and custom builds are prevalent. However, custom builds are usually more expensive than stock gaming gear. If you can sell HP used parts and servers to an entrepreneur, who can enter this market and establish him or herself, you both win. You are able to sell equipment you no longer need, and your new connection has a potentially profitable business that he or she can build.

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