The Used Cisco CP-7962G: A Great Phone for Small Businesses

Small businesses are some of the most difficult businesses to run, due to financial limitations. Larger companies have more money to spend on businesses expenses. Small businesses, which can be anything from an entrepreneur typing on a MacBook in Starbucks, to a business of 50 employees, are run on tight budgets. When you make a business expense, it needs to count for something. It needs to positively benefit your company. This is true from furniture to product packaging to office phones.

Does the following scenario apply to you?

You run a small business. You are using a smartphone, and all of your employees use their own phones as well, to communicate with each other, with clients, with customers, and with you. However, you want to switch to a phone that has better, more appropriate features for office work. You are looking at office phones being sold by big box stores and office supply chains but you are unsure of the features that you actually need.

In this article, we will discuss the merits of Cisco phones in general, and the CP-7962G in particular. This is a great phone, regardless of your and your staff’s technical ability.

The Used Cisco CP-7962G is Reliable | Used Cisco Wireless Phones

The CP-7962G contains the following features, all of which will ensure that you receive a great experi-ence using this phone for business.

  • Speakerphone and handset combination
  • Standard call features and functions, as well as six backlit feature/line buttons
  • XML applications, extending the functionality of the phone’s features (and allowing you to code your own)
  • An integrated Ethernet switch port, allowing you to connect your Cisco phone to the business network

The Used Cisco CP-7962G is User-Accessible

User accessibility can refer to many things. commonly, it refers to ease of use, and ease of access. A phone that is easy to use and to access is a great phone to have around the office. In fact, the more the better. Nothing is more of a drain on resources like time in an office needing to train staff to use cumbersome technology, especially when there are easier alternatives available to purchase. The CP-7962G is a simple phone to use.

The display is where the CP-7962G really shines. The settings are clear, the buttons are evenly distributed, the menu options are simple to navigate, and the rich features of the phone (like caller identification) are featured prominently. If you need a phone to conduct business with, especially in an office setting, look no further than this phone. A receptionist or a salesperson can be trained to use the phone in little time, increasing their productivity and your resulting revenues.

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Netcon Solutions | Buy Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phone Systems | CP-7962G

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  • The used Cisco CP-7962G is a great office phone to have.
  • You need a dedicated office phone with features that are built for business, like call forwarding and caller identification.
  • Cisco phones are some of the best office phones you can purchase, as Cisco is an industry leader in information technology and information technology products.

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