Thinking of an IT Career? Purchase CCNA Equipment & Practice

Do you like technology? Do you like troubleshooting your laptop and working with computer hardware? If you program, do you like creating scripts that will allow your computer to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently? Do you like new technology that hits the market every new months or years? If so, a career in information technology may be appropriate for you.

Starting out in information technology can seem a little daunting though. Having little to no experience, it may seem like a gargantuan task to simply get a starting desk support job. Certifications are a great way to bridge this gap between no experience, and entry level work.

Why is the CCNA Exam Important?

Anyone can obtain a few certifications in information technology and find a basic desk support job. However, gaining the knowledge to succeed past that bar is where information technology becomes more difficult to understand and implement correctly. The CCNA exam from Cisco will provide you with a great stepping stone to advance your IT career, should you enjoy working in the field.

The CCNA exam is an associate-level certification. It is affordable and anyone can sit the exam. These factors make the CCNA exam perfect from everyone from those interested in IT as a career field, those looking to improve their careers, or IT hobbyists who simply seek knowledge.

The Secret Weapon of IT Workers: A Home Lab

A home lab is vital if you want to succeed in information technology and succeed fast. The truth is that you can study textbooks and watch videos all day to pass your certification exams, especially at the beginner and intermediate levels. However, if you do not get hours and hours of practice in over a long period of time working with actual equipment, your intelligence and knowledge may not be able to translate as well to the workplace.

Practically every information technology worker dedicated to furthering his or her career has a home lab.

Setting up a lab sounds more intimidating than it is. Simply set one up just like you would set up a net-work. If you have home internet, you have already set one up without knowing it. You have already purchased and configured a wireless access point, a router, devices like phones and printers, etc.

More Advanced I.T. Exams Require Practice with CCNA Equipment

As you progress in your information technology career, if you choose to make it a career, you will need to practice with actual equipment while preparing for your exams. The sooner you set up your home lab and the more practice you obtain with your IT equipment, whether you are preparing for the CCNA, CCIE, or other exam, the more probable your chances of success will be.

Netcon Solutions | Buy Used Cisco Equipment | CCNA Equipment

If you need used Cisco equipment for your home lab, consider purchasing CCIE Equipment, CCNA Equipment, and CCNP Equipment, depending on the certification exam you are planning on sitting. Netcon Solutions, located in Toronto and shipping throughout Canada and the U.S. has the equipment you need to pass your exams, should information technology become your career goal.

For all the equipment you will ever need for your information technology exams, visit us online at our website today to learn more.

To recap, here are the benefits of setting up a home lab and really accelerating your IT career:

  • Home labs are standard for any IT professional dedicated to his or her career.
  • Home labs provide the opportunity for hands-on learning, which you cannot get from simply reading a certification prep book.
  • With a home lab, and many hours of practice, you can prepare effectively for any information technology exam.

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