Buy HP Used Servers to Control Your Business’s Networks

Even the most technologically-averse businesses use technology. Every business uses a server in one way or another. Servers have many uses, and you can increasingly apply these uses to your business. In fact, any business can create and control three types of websites to increase the productivity and efficiency of their staff: an intranet, an extranet, and the Internet (you do not create it but you can access it).

In this article, we will discuss the basic use of servers, the types of networks/websites that you can create to increase your business productivity and efficiency (and thereby raise your revenues), and the merits of servers in general.

If you are going to purchase any information technology equipment, make sure you purchase a server.

Intranets Versus Extranets Versus Websites: How to Determine the Difference?

Intranets? Extranets? Websites? What are all these different types of networks and why do they matter?

An intranet is a private network that you need to authorize users to access. Think of an internal website in your company where only accounting documents are stored, and that only staff in the accounting office can access.

An extranet is like an intranet, but it is stored on a web server and available to access on the world wide web. You can login to your extranet from anywhere in the world. Still, like an intranet, only authorized people can access the website.

A website is nothing new or fancy. However, instead of storing your website files on the cloud (your HTML documents, CSS stylesheets, and the like), you can store these files on a local physical server in your office for added control and security over your data. With each passing day, the need to protect your data grows, no matter how insignificant the data seems.

Other Reasons to Buy HP Used Servers

You can safely and securely store your websites on a physical server by buying HP used servers. You only need one, however purchasing two servers are recommended if you are going to purchase servers. Even if you do not store your files on a backup server, you can still cannibalize the second server for parts if you want, although it is recommended to buy HP used parts as well.

On-site maintenance by the IT department is cheaper, more flexible, and quicker than outsourcing your IT repair needs to a third party company.

Servers can also be used for the following reasons. You do not have to solely host websites on a server.

  • File storage
  • File backups
  • Data transfers
  • Email messaging and reception
  • Etc.

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Servers have many uses. Here is a summary recap of this article, displaying the varied uses of servers.

  • You can host all your business’s websites on a single physical server located in your office.
  • Servers have many uses beyond hosting business websites which you can apply to your own business.
  • Physical servers provide data safety and security, two big assets that companies need to achieve and maintain to stay competitive in the industry.

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