Purchase and Install Used Cisco POE Switches in the Office

Office managers everywhere, regardless of the business or industry, usually have a common goal: make the office run more efficiently on the budget they have. This means weighing the pros and cons of various types of equipment. However, comparisons do not stop at the surface. Each component in an office needs to be evaluated based on the indirect effect it will have on office productivity. Weighing more than the cost and function of a component, but considering the effect it will have on other components.

An office camera, for instance, may take gorgeous photographs but, if it does not last as long as a slightly-lesser camera that has a lifecycle of ten years, the latter is a better deal. The same is true with IT equipment like used Cisco POE switches.

Top 5 Reason to Invest in POE Switches

They are Affordable

You do not need to be a certified engineer or even an electrician to install POE switches. Anyone can do it. Just run a network cable from the switch to the network and, voila, your new switch is installed. It is so easy a child could do it (not that you should let a child to actually install your network, hire an IT freelancer or do it yourself for the best results if you are on a strict budget).

They are Flexible

Since you can route power through the network to power POE switches, you can make your network layout more flexible. No outlet in the room? No problem. POE switches can be placed anywhere, as long as they are connected to the network. This is great if you want to install a security camera in an obscure place or you want to install a telecom on the wall.

They are Safe

POE switches, like all used Cisco routers and switches are safe to use. You do not have to risk losing power, overloading a circuit, or incorrectly installing your switch on your network. These advantages make POE switches very attractive to small businesses, especially small businesses without a dedicated IT department or workers.

If you want a foolproof method of setting up switches on your network, look into purchasing POE switches.

They are Reliable

Since POE switches do not require a direct plugin to the wall outlet where they are located, instead relying on the network to power them, you do not have to worry about being limited by your store’s or office space’s electrical grid. You can even hook your network up to a generator to ensure that your business network has constant power, in case you work in an area with a lot of brownouts or blackouts, or you run a 24/7 business.

You can also turn off the power to certain sections of the network, by disabling devices. Doing so will allow you to re-route power to help run your network more efficiently.

They are Scalable

Scalability may not matter much to a new business, or a small business, but scalability will be at the forefront of any expansion you do as a business owner and operator. You will need to have scalable components if you want to continue to do business once you do scale up. Used Cisco POE switches are perfect for this task, as are many used Cisco routers and switches.

Since they draw their power from a local network, you can install as many POE switches as you would like. In addition, installation is simple and effective, allowing you to expand your network to incorporate new offices, equipment, and more.

If you are looking for used Cisco routers and switches, like used Cisco POE switches or used Cisco Gigabit switches, and your business is located in or around Toronto or the GTA, contact Netcon Solutions today. You can visit us in-store, or online at our website.

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