Gain Peace of Mind with Cisco SMARTnet

Everybody likes peace of mind. This is the reason why stores have money-back guarantees and you cannot buy a car without at least being asked if you want an extended warranty. No matter whether you will actually use a warranty agreement, or whether you will return that product back to the store for your money back, warranties make us feel good.

We know that, even if we choose not to buy a warranty, we can at least ensure peace of mind regarding our investment. Cisco SMARTnet is not different. For this reason, purchasing a support contract can be a great idea for any business person or entrepreneur.

Great Support for a Great Price

The Cisco SMARTnet provides Cisco customers with ongoing support for their products. These support contracts can be had for any Cisco product purchase, and many customers do buy SMARTnet contracts because they want to protect their investment.

3 Tips to Know if a SMARTnet Contract is Right for You

You Want to Protect Your Investment

In the grand scheme of things, spending a lot of money on a Cisco product and spending a little more on a support contract is no big deal. In fact, if a business owner or operator spends a lot of money on Cisco products, they will most likely want to purchase a support contract to make sure that nothing happens to their investment.

If something does go wrong, it is far cheaper to be covered under a support contract than to have to buy another Cisco product, simply because you decided not to be covered under a contract. Risk-averse business owners and operators make this decision because, more than valuing the money they spend, they value the peace of mind they gain from purchasing a SMARTnet support contract.

Varying Contract Levels to Meet Your Needs

There are various levels to a Cisco SMARTnet support contract. You do not have to purchase contracted benefits that you do not require, and you do not have to feel like your support contract offers too little for the price. Instead, when purchasing your Cisco product, you will be given a choice regarding the coverage and services on your support contract. This allows you to get the coverage you want, and the price you want.

Even the lowest level of support contract offers technical support from Cisco. For product owners, this is a great service that will ensure you can fix and maintain your products over a healthy life cycle.

Being able to connect with, and contact, knowledgeable customer support workers who know what they are talking about can mean the difference between a good experience, and a superior one. This is the power of a SMARTnet support contract.

The Ability to Cover Used Equipment

Many business owners choose to purchase quality used goods instead of new ones, for financial reasons. Used goods even if they are from a great company like Cisco, are cheaper, and may last almost as long as a new product.

If you have purchased used Cisco products from a second-hand retailer, you may be able to get a support contract for your product, or you may be able to buy into an already-existing contract. Of course, you will need to contact your retailer, and maybe even Cisco, for a decision, but the possibility still remains.

Cisco SMARTnet support contracts can be great investments for any business owner of Cisco products. Cisco is top-of-the-line, in no small part due to its great support services, like support contracts. To learn more about the Cisco advantage, you should contact Netcon Solutions, which operates in and around Toronto and the GTA, either online or at our website today.

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