How to Switch Used Cisco Equipment into IT

Career switching is common. Practically everyone has done it at least once. Sure, there is some risk involved, and you may find you do not like IT, but most people who switch into IT have some experience going in, from coding websites to setting up office environments with printers, computers, and other common technologies.

One of the best entry-level certifications to enter the IT industry without a college degree is a CCNA certificate from Cisco. To do well on this exam, however, you will need to study a lot, since IT changes often and can be difficult for a newcomer to grasp, especially if they start by learning outdated information.

Outdated information is common when looking for free resources. This is why you should seriously consider investing in your own CCNA equipment and other professionally-prepared materials, instead of solely using free materials from the library and the Internet.

Another great tip is to switch industries slowly. Work on IT after your regular workday and on weekends instead of taking a hiatus off work. If you find you do not like IT as a career, even if you love it as a hobby, you will always be able to work while finding another industry to practice in. This realization often takes time though, so you should think carefully before taking a hiatus. Luckily, with CCNA equipment, you can learn the fundamentals of IT, one step at a time.

IT is a great field for individuals who like to problem solve. Practically everything in programming and IT is problem solving. In fact, it is the cornerstone of computing, even if there are no “problems” to solve. You usually find yourself with something that needs to be done, like setting up a network, authenticating users, installing software on multiple operating systems, and more. This is the “problem” that needs to be solved.

Then, looking over the resources you have for the job, you will resolve the issue successfully. Whether you are tasked with hardware, software, or both, the day to day routine of an IT worker is never boring.

In addition, you do not have to stop at one certification, once you get your CCNA certification. You can invest in CCNP equipment and CCIE equipment and practice on those, to sit your CCNP and CCIE exams. The more exams you sit and pass, the more capable you will be at your job.

Whether you decide to purchase CCNP equipment and CCIE equipment or not, having your CCNA certification will open doors for you. Sure, a CCIE certificate, which is the most difficult type of certification you can receive from Cisco and requires CCIE equipment to practice on, will open the most doors for you, but opening doors is not the focus of many people.

If you just want to get your feet wet, and experience the IT sector, studying with CCNA equipment or CCNP equipment may be best for you when you are just starting out.

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