Cisco SMARTnet Warranties Are Not Worth It, Until They Are

Many people purchase warranties for every electronic they purchase, and others do not. Commonly, people do not believe that warranties are worth it because the cost of the warranty is usually more expensive than the presumable inevitable repairs that electronics will require to continue functioning. At that point however, most people have sold or resold their hardware, meaning their warranties were a waste of money in their eyes.

Cisco SMARTnet support contracts are similar to warranties. They are attached to Cisco products and offer the purchasers the ability to receive technical support, as well as other perks associated with equipment replacement, depending on the level of Cisco SMARTnet support that is purchased. You should consider whether Cisco SMARTnet support is right for you.

If you are intent on keeping your Cisco products until they die, attaching a Cisco SMARTnet contract to each product you purchase may be worth it. It all depends on the type of business you run, the type of Cisco equipment you purchase, and your future plans for business growth.

I Want to Remain a Small Business

The minimum level of Cisco SMARTnet support is technical support from customer service representatives at Cisco. You can call them at the Cisco Technical Assistance Center, or you can use Cisco’s online resources to read up on any problems you may be experiencing with your Cisco products, as well as how to fix them.

For many small-sized businesses, this is enough. Some even hire an IT staff member in an entry-level position, once they have their basic Cisco certifications like the CCENT or CCNA, to help them use their Cisco products more efficiency. The cost of a Cisco SMARTnet contract depends on the Cisco equipment you purchase, as well as the level of service you require. Hiring an IT staff member, even if they are only employed part time or on-call, and minimum Cisco technical support may be the more affordable option for your business.

I Want to Grow My Business Over Time

Many business owners and operators, however, are not satisfied with staying as a small-sized business over time. They want to grow and expand operations to increase their income. For instance, business owners may grow their business so they can retire earlier, passing their business down through the family. Minimal Cisco SMARTnet support may seem attractive for this type of business owner as well. However, if you are intending to pass your business down to your children, you might also be interested in a higher level of Cisco SMARTnet support.

Your children may specialize in business administration or accounting and this may be great for your business. They may not, however, be as great at computers and information technology in general. In this case, it makes sense to set them up to succeed, which means letting them rely on a higher level of Cisco SMARTnet support until they become familiar with how their Cisco equipment works.

It depends on your goals for your business. You should sit down, write your business plans down, and then analyze whether a higher level of Cisco SMARTnet support is for you or not.

If you are considering purchasing a Cisco product, you should also consider whether purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet support contract is for you and your business. If you think the contract is beneficial and will pay for itself over time, purchase it. If not, do not. It entirely depends on your current business model and your plans for future growth as they concern your IT infrastructure.

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