The Road to $100,000 in Silicon Valley: Juniper Routers and Switches

Every industry, especially those that are incredibly profitable, is composed mainly of two types of people: those that are incredibly passionate about what they do, and those that are incredibly faithful in their work. Those who are passionate are usually willing to choose an experience over a higher paycheck and often choose companies to work for that they find more interesting. Those who are faithful to the company due to a rewarding paycheck are worth no less than those who are passionate, but their motivations to go to work are different.

This does not mean that simply going to work for a paycheck is wrong or inherently hurtful to a company. In fact, it can be the greatest gift an employee can give to their employer: total loyalty to fulfilling the company’s vision. In information technology (IT) specifically, and computer science in general, workers are mostly either working for the lucrative payday, or they are incredibly interested in computing and everything it influences or they want to be a part of it.

Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches: The First Steps to Success

If everyone could make $100,000 or more working in Silicon Valley, they would. However, these lucrative paychecks are reserved for those who stand out in their fields. They may be software engineers, computer engineers, or computer scientists, all at the top of their field. It is not impossible to join their ranks and, if you improve your skills, you too can earn $100,000 or more as well. This is contingent, however, on you being able to turn your computing and IT talent into a formidable skill. You will also need to continue to progress over time, increasing your skillset and worth to your company. Start learning today with Juniper routers and Juniper switches.

The Juniper Advantage

Unlike other industries where one is expected to invest a large sum of money upfront to become productive and make money on their own like in medicine or law, computing does not. You can purchase a used computer from a thrift shop, open it up, and learn all about computer networking and infrastructures by tinkering around, as well as reading textbooks from your local library. However, sometimes you need specialized equipment like Juniper routers and switches.

Juniper products are famous for two reasons: they are affordable and they are top-quality. This is why the company is often mentioned with its competitor “Cisco” in the same sentence. Few other companies can hope to match Cisco like Juniper can. Juniper was actually founded to directly compete against Cisco, offering alternatives in networking hardware for small- and medium-sized businesses that could not afford Cisco’s expensive merchandise. Now, you too can experience the Juniper advantage.

With great additional benefits like the JUNOS operating system, present in every Juniper router and Juniper switch on the shelf, you can start learning computer networking from your own home or office. With a modular design and single train compatibility, rest assured that no matter how much you think you are misconfigured your Juniper router or Juniper switch, the rest of your home network will not be affected.

If you want to earn some certifications in computer networking, like the vendor-neutral CompTIA’s Network+ or Server+ certifications, you should consider purchasing some Juniper routers and Juniper switches today.

A $100,000 paycheck is achievable if you work in Silicon Valley and offer immense value to your company. If you want to be an expert at computer networking, you need to start learning and improving today. Routing and switching is a great place to start.

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