Go Mobile: Why Cisco’s Wireless Network Is Worth Every Penny

Sometimes, business productivity can be stalled by your network infrastructure. No matter how hard or long you work, limits to your Internet access and efficiency exist. Once you reach them, you will need to find a way to further your limits even more. The switch from a local network to a wireless network is a great way to increase your productivity, due to its increased access and mobility, as contrasted to the limitations of a physical local Internet connection.

As a small- or medium-sized business owner and operator, you probably have a local network set up because it is significantly faster than a wireless network set up, it is much less expensive, and network security is better since it is protected by a firewall. However, mobile wireless networks have their benefits as well. In fact, one benefit of wireless networks that matters if you want to increase your revenue and strengthen the reputation of your business when around clients is increased productivity.

Working in the Office

You may be thinking that all you need is a local network set up since you do not see yourself doing work outside your office. However, you cannot know for sure that you will over time. Switching over to a wireless network is simply more pragmatic. The range of a wireless network can extend beyond the entirety of your shop, allowing you and your employees to do things like check and respond to work emails, send information to each other online, and access information on your central server without ever having to move to where your computers are physically located.

Mobile Internet on a wireless network is incredibly attractive to employees and employers from coast to coast, due to the mobile advantages it offers. You can do work anywhere in your store, making you much more productive over the course of your work days, weeks, and years. Instead of having to keep a client on hold while you rush to the back office where your local network is hooked up, you can now instantly help your client on the spot. Instead of relying on your local network to run long-term, you can quickly and affordably switch mobile Internet modems and access points, purchasing the most up-to-date technology for your business to run as efficiently as possible.

What About the Costs of a Wireless Network?

Wireless Internet does cost a bit more than a local network to be set up and run. However, these costs are negligible in the long-term if you are more productive when using it. The more productive you are, the more revenue you make and the lower your expenses become. Therefore, any money that you have to invest in order to gain productivity and income should be viewed as an investment on future growth.

When considering the costs required to set up a wireless network, understand that it is an investment, not an expense. In addition, just because you invest a certain amount of money in something, especially if there is a projected positive return for your business, does not mean the money is gone. A great investment, like a wireless Internet network, is one that pays for itself over time.

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