Before You Buy Those Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones: Understanding VoIP Phones

The humble landline phone seems to be on its way out the door. Not only are residential users ditching home phones for cellular telephones, but even businesses are looking towards online telephones, known as VoIP phones.
There are plenty of justifications into why a used Cisco IP & wireless phone would do a better job than a landline. But first, let’s go through a basic walkthrough of IP phones in general.

What Are IP Phones?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a relatively new technology that lets you make phone calls over the Internet. IP phones are the physical devices that let you make these online calls. You can usually find IP phones on cubicle desks of many office spaces.
While they look and work similarly to traditional landline phones, IP phones transmit their data differently. Calls are sent through digital signals, whereas landlines are limited to the cables.
IP phones allow companies to make calls without paying the fees by the telephone company. That’s one of many reasons IT departments should consider following through on that used Cisco IP & wireless phone transaction.

Are There Different Types? Of IP Phone Systems

Most IP phone systems work the same way, whether they’re manufactured by Cisco or Polycom. Differences in branding don’t matter as much to your purchasing decision as price range, needed features, and use case.
However, VoIP phones themselves can differ greatly. Some prefer traditional-looking desk phones for their VoIP needs, while others look to more sleek and flashy smartphones. In some ways, the Skype desktop program can be considered a soft IP phone.
Nonetheless, all IP phones run using the Internet, either through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Some models even offer Bluetooth connectivity as an added convenience.

Why Is Everyone Switching to IP Phone Systems?

IP phones hold major advantages over traditional landlines for many reasons.
• As mentioned, they look and feel almost identical to older phones. Employees thus instantly know how to use them from experience, removing the need for training.
• IP phones are cheaper and more convenient to deploy than landlines due to fewer infrastructure investments, lower fees, and usage of the already existing Internet connection in the office.
• You can make calls with multiple people at once without having to pay extra.
• You can use IP phones anywhere you have an Internet connection. In today’s busy corporate market, being held down to your desk isn’t always an option for everyone.
• IP phones don’t require on-site service. Instead, updates are pushed directly through the Internet.

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