More Reasons to Pick Up That Used Cisco Gigabit Switch | Why Gigabit Ethernet is Vital to Your Business

Gigabit Internet refers to a connection speed of 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) for both download and upload speeds, making it 100 times faster than most residential services. Gigabit utilizes fiber optic lines to transfer that volume of data.
We all want a faster Internet speed. But why should small business owners spend the resources to upgrade to a Gigabit connection? With all the communication companies do, you’ll find that picking up a used Cisco gigabit switch will be a vital step in keeping up with the competition. Here are some of the ways a Gigabit connection will help your business.

Enabling Better Video Conferencing | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

Studies have shown that businesses can save tens of thousands of dollars every year on traveling costs by deploying video conferencing for business meetings. Gigabit connections can not only enable better quality video streaming but also reduce the incidence of cut-offs and dropped calls.
And thanks to the high adoption rate of IP Telephony in business, having a faster connection results in better customer satisfaction and a good reputation for your organization.

Digital Sales Opportunities | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

A faster connection opens the door to selling online. Most companies commonly deliver products and services, such as online consulting, digitally now.
Make sure your organization gets its share by selling software online or even offering subscription-based services to your consumer base. Even an affordable used Cisco gigabit switch will greatly improve your ability to start selling.

Less Employee Downtime | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

A slow connection negatively impacts your employees directly, and it’s more than just waiting an extra second for email to load in. With a Gigabit connection, employees can enjoy:
• Faster file streaming
• Support for more devices at once
• Faster download and upload speed
• Lower buffering times
Many workers have become accustomed to waiting for these processes to finish, resulting in significant downtime and an inefficient use of company resources. While a few seconds might not seem like much, every minute adds up.
Plus, as the competition upgrades their own Internet and adopts file sharing and online workloads more frequently, the cost of staying behind rises every year.
Get a used Cisco gigabit switch today and open the door for new digital services and opportunities for online business communication.

Forming a Better Work Environment

Not only is dealing with slow Internet frustrating, but it can also outright alienate newer recruits. Surveys have shown that younger members of the workforce are finding fast Internet a staple of a satisfying job environment.
Employees now have more agency in choosing where they work nowadays. Prove to them your organization has a productive working environment with a Gigabit connection upgrade.

Netcon Solutions | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches | Toronto & the GTA

The cost to upgrade to Gigabit is absolutely worth the money. If you’re looking for a discount, consider buying a used Cisco gigabit switch and other equipment from Netcon Solutions. We offer generous warranties on all used and refurbished networking equipment we sell to business across Toronto.
• Upgrading to a Gigabit Internet connection should be a high priority for businesses.
• Faster Internet results in more responsive workflows, less employee downtime, and support for new technologies like video conferencing.
• Looking for a deal on a used Cisco gigabit switch? Netcon Solutions is ready to improve your business’s networking infrastructure.

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