Why Your Next Office Phone Should Be a Used Cisco CP-7962G

Smartphones are everywhere now. Being mini-computers, you can use them for practically any office task you can think of. However, dedicated office phones will always be better and make you more productive. Office appliances should be increasingly streamlined. If you have three devices that do the work of one, you should invest in that one device. Efficiency and productivity are key when it comes to maximizing your revenue potential. Here is an example.

Office phones reduce the clutter. Most entrepreneurs and self-starters separate their office functions and needs through different devices. They will use a hotspot or router for Internet access. They will use a smartphone or text, calls, and email. They will use a computer to Skype. They will use virtual personal assistance to have calls redirected and forwarded to the appropriate people in their business. However, there is one device that can do all of this. The Used Cisco CP-7962G.

Why You Need an Office Phone

Every minute that you are in the office is a minute that you can use to make money. By becoming more efficient and more productive, whether you are a sole entrepreneur or one of many employees. You need to consistently look for ways to streamline productivity, and moving to VoIP technology is a great start.

You need an office phone because the demands of an office are different than in personal life. In personal life, you chat with friends, share texts, and send pictures to each other. At the office, you need to type reports, email data to clients and customers, forward calls to various individuals, and more. There is much more to do, and you need to do it under a constrained timeline if you want to succeed.

Features of the Used Cisco CP-7962G

The Used Cisco CP-7962G features high-fidelity wideband audio, which allows users to enjoy clear, crisp conversations while on the phone, even when the audio is compressed before being sent to the recipient’s phone like over a lossy network. Users can also enjoy a high-resolution grayscale display to access and use a multitude of the phone’s features. Some of the features you can access include: caller id, the current phone number, the date and time, and XML applications.

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, can be loaded onto your phone, allowing you to extend the functionality of your phone. If you can write it in XML, you can display it on the grayscale display! Some examples include note applications, and reminders applications.

Specialize When it Comes to Office Devices!

Having many devices may feel more secure, but all this device redundancy will only make your workflow more complex. Instead of splitting up duties to different devices, use as few devices as possible. You can streamline many office functions by purchasing a dedicated office phone. VoIP technology is a great productivity booster and you should use one in your day-to-day operations in the office.

Upgrade from your personal devices to devices specifically built to fulfill office functions. Upgrade to used Cisco IP & wireless phones today. For more information regarding used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, and used Cisco CP-7962G phones, contact us at Netcon Solutions, serving customers in and around Toronto and the GTA. To learn more, or to place an order for an office phone, visit us in-store, or online at our website today.

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