Which CCNA Equipment to Purchase While Preparing For Your Certification Exams

The CCNA is a certification that many IT professional attempt early on in their careers. Depending on your choices, you can either sit one exam or two in order to receive this certification. While studying for more basic certifications, it is not necessary to purchase equipment since rote memorization can help you enough to earn a passing grade. However, with the CCNA exams, you need to learn theory and put it into practice in order to study effectively.

The need to purchase equipment can be daunting, especially if you do not know if you will need the equipment after passing the exam. Many IT professionals sit exams like CCNA certifications in order to gain a wide breadth of knowledge in IT, even though they may not need the knowledge. Routing and switching knowledge can be valuable in many different areas of IT, from project management, to security, to networking.

Regardless of your field of speciality in IT, basic routing and switching equipment, as studied on the CCNA exams, will be useful in your labs. Purchasing quality materials and hardware early on is an investment. The more money you invest into quality hardware, the better your home and office labs will be.

A Switch

A network switch is a piece of hardware that allows you to connect multiple devices together on a network. With a switch, you can send, receive, and update data. Learning how switches work and how to configure them will help you on your CCNA exams.

A Router

A network router is like a switch, but the former can be used to send data outside of your computer network. With a switch, you are regulated to only your network. If you want to learn about routers and how to configure them so you can exchange data between networks, you will need to purchase and setup a router.


Cables are usually thought of being separate components in and of themselves. However, cables simply allow switches and routers to pass data to other devices and networks. Depending on the device, you can use patch cables, twisted pair/coaxial cables, or optical fiber cables. To excel at networking, you will need to know how cables work, and how to use structured cabling practices in your network.

The CCNA exams are not difficult. They do require, however, that you have a certain amount of knowledge in routing and switching. Successfully studying for, and passing, these exams will show that you are ready to take on a networking role in a company. Studying, however, will take time, money, and effort. You should maximize your chances of success on the CCNA exam by purchasing the appropriate equipment.

Use CCNA Equipment in Your Home Lab

Every networking professional should create a home lab in an area of their home. This lab does not need to be big. It is possible to contain the lab under a desk. You need a way to configure and access various devices, both in and outside of your network, in order to learn networking. Connect your computer, smartphone, printer, and more, and learn how they interact with each other.

The CCNA exams will challenge you. They are an essential stepping stone into becoming an IT professional. Luckily, with used Cisco Equipment, like CCIE Equipment, CCNA Equipment, and CCNP Equipment, the process can become more manageable. For the best used equipment for your Toronto or GTA home lab, contact Netcon Solutions either in-store or online at our website today.

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