Why You Should Purchase Used Cisco Gigabit Switches Today!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Bob is a business owner. Bob is frustrated by the low data transfer speeds on his business network, and he feels that he could be more productive if his data transfer speeds were faster. However, Bob does not know much about technology. Bob wants a simple solution that will lead to faster data transfer speeds, and without much technological know-how.

This is normal among many entrepreneurs and business owners. Knowing how to upgrade your business technology is one thing. Knowing the specifics about why you should is a whole other matter. There are so many different tech needs a business owner needs to be aware of. If an owner is not technically-inclined, this can be an issue. Luckily, adding switches to a network is something any novice IT worker can accomplish.

In this article, we will discuss the benefit of switches, why you should purchase gigabit switches, and how the inclusion of switches can boost employee productivity.

If you are like Bob, you should use gigabit switches in your business network. There is literally no downside to doing so.

What do Switches Do Anyways?

Switches are small piece of technological equipment that basically connect many computers in your organization together. These computers use switches to “talk” to each other, and send packets of data between them. You can also use switches to expand your business network, via the use of increased ports. Doing so will allow you to connect more devices to the network, like phones and security cameras.

If you want to experience a seamless data transfer, you need to purchase used Cisco gigabit switches. When used in conjunction with a gigabit router, you will be able to access your local business network at ten times the speed of the previous generation of switch (hence why it is called “gigabit”).

Benefits of Using Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

If your business network does not currently feature switches, you should consider purchasing and adding gigabit switches to your business network.

Here are some of the most common advantages that switches will provide you and your business:

  • Faster network speeds
  • Network expansion
  • Increased data transmission between computers on your network
  • Gigabit data transfer speeds
  • Affordable
  • Increased network reliability
  • Increased employee productivity

Increased Employee Productivity Used Cisco Switches & Routers

There comes a time when employee productivity can only be boosted by improved, and faster, technologies. No matter how hard your employees work, eventually, they will be limited by their tools. By improving their tools, like adding gigabit switches to your network, you are allowing your employees to become more productivity.

Employees love being productive, seeing their projects come to fruition in record time, and feeling a sense of accomplishment, instead of waiting around for a file to be transferred to their coworker on the second floor. By installing gigabit-speed switches, you are providing your employees with a more positive working experience, and the ability to become more productive.

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  • Gigabit switches, when paired with gigabit routers, can provide you with exceptionally fast data transfer speeds.
  • Expanding your business network’s ports can help de-clutter your network, while also allowing you to add more devices.
  • Employee productivity will increase as information becomes quicker to send and receive on your business network.

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