3 Ways Cisco SMARTnet Optimizes Your Business’s IT Department

In today’s connected world, businesses need to utilize technology to the fullest extent to stay on top. But you can’t guarantee all your servers, routers, printers, and terminals will always work without a hitch. Hence why companies invest so much into professional IT departments and offload technical support onto third parties for severely perplexing issues.

When it comes to networking, Cisco has you covered. With the launch of the Cisco SMARTnet technical support service, your business can save tons of resources, prevent hours of downtime, and generally keep your firm running smoothly. Read on to find out how they do it.

A Source of Information

Even the best tools in the world aren’t enough if you don’t know how to use and maintain them. Should an employee’s laptop act up, naturally you’d contact the manufacturer for support. Likewise, Cisco SMARTnet is your one-stop shop for any network-related issues. Among the services you’ll receive, expect:

  • 24-hour access to Cisco’s professional staff for guided troubleshooting when you need it most
  • Self-help information, tools, and resources through the online knowledge base and user forums
  • Technical support documentation provided to employees to improve experience, productivity, and self-sufficiency

Hardware and Software Support

No product by any manufacturer has a 100% perfect reliability rate. Every now and again, malfunctions have to be dealt with, and if an employee laptop malfunctions in ways that perplex even your internalized IT staff, you’d call up the manufacturer to help out.
Similarly, Cisco SMARTnet offers a slew of hardware and software support services related to improving your network’s security and reliability.

  • Cisco Smart Call Home, a feature that assists in diagnosing and troubleshooting problematic devices
  • Replacement parts for networking devices shipped within the day
  • Expedited shipping on any equipment you need fast
  • Operating system updates tailored to your use case to increase the lifetime of your network
  • Advanced software configuration and setup

Onsite Help

Sometimes, you just need a hands-on technician for those extremely frustrating and stubborn problems. Perhaps you’d like the professional installation of replacement parts or just the peace of mind that help is at your disposal at all times in case your internal IT staff isn’t enough for whatever reason.
Choosing Cisco SMARTnet Onsite entitles you to deploying a ready network technician right on your company premises. With specialized knowledge of Cisco’s networking ecosystem, the technician can react to and fix problems quickly. This feature is ideal for remote sites where experienced staff are scarce and out of reach.

Ready to Dive In? Call Netcon Solutions Today

Perhaps you’re interested in not only networking but tech-based solutions for your entire company. If so, consider calling Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA. Netcon Solutions specializes in providing competitively-priced networking and server equipment from all the best brands, including Cisco, HP, IBM, and Dell.
We can get you set up with all the parts and services, including Cisco SMARTnet, you’ll need to ensure smooth sailing and maximize the return on investment for your company. Also, expect generous warranties and customer service to sweeten the deal. You could even go used or refurbished if the budget calls for it.

  • Technology is always prone to occasional failures. Having experienced technical support on hand is vital to succeeding in business.
  • Cisco SMARTnet is the ideal solution for your firm’s networking needs. Through comprehensive maintenance, technical support, and employee training, keeps productivity high and downtime low with Cisco.
  • Netcon Solutions specializes in bringing the right tech solutions to your business, including Cisco routers, IBM servers, and HP printers and scanners among other high-quality equipment from the world’s greatest brands.

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