What to Look for When Shopping for Wireless Phones for Your Business

As modern communication costs continue to skyrocket, more and more businesses are turning to wireless phones and VoIP technology. Buying new wireless phones can be expensive and often doesn’t provide a significant value increase when compared to used wireless phones. Netcon Solutions works hard to help businesses save money. We sell used Cisco IP wireless phones like the Cisco CP-7961G, the Cisco CP-7942G, and the Cisco CP-7972G.

Why Choose Wireless Phones

The technology for wireless phones has existed for a long time, but it took businesses a while to trust the technology and to buy into it. In reality, the only costs associated with employing IP phones is your Internet bill and the equipment itself. When looking for ways to save money, buying used Cisco IP wireless phones is a great way to save your business money. Cutting your phone bill out of the equation and purchasing used equipment will help you stretch your budget further.

IP technology is the way of the future due to the high level of integration that it offers. Businesses are able to tie their networks directly into their phone lines, providing them complete control over the way that their phone line behaves and allowing them to customize the user experience for their customers.

There are many wireless phones that are capable of servicing your business in a professional way. We recommend that businesses start with used equipment like a used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or used Cisco CP-7972G. All of these phones possess all the necessary features to keep your business running and are capable of advanced processes. For further information on these models, we recommend that you check out Cisco’s website.

Pitfalls of IP Phones

With any technology, there are weaknesses. This is a fact of life and even wireless phones suffer from specific weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses include:

• VoIP technology must be installed. The installation process can be lengthy and will require an expert who is familiar with the technology and capable of designing a network that suits the needs of your business.

• Wireless phones rely on AC power and will not function if your network is tripped up due to a power surge or outage.

• If your Internet goes down, your wireless phones will go down with it. IP technology is directly tied to the functionality of your Internet connection.

• Security is always a major issue when using wireless phones. Businesses are encouraged to take utilize high quality security in order to protect their important data and to minimize the chance that they will suffer a catastrophic security breach.

• Certain VoIP plans have operational costs tied into them. Businesses will have to pay monthly fees or train a member of their staff to oversee the network.

• Some VoIP plans do not offer 911 services and will charge additional fees to businesses that dial these numbers.

• Wireless phones can be complicated and difficult to use if you are inexperienced with the technology and have trouble learning advanced networking technologies.

Regardless of these weaknesses, wireless phones are the way of the future and something that all businesses should consider using. The days of the tethered phone line are over and modern businesses have the opportunity to take control of their own phone networks and to design them in such a way that is helpful to their business.

Netcon Solutions supplies various used Cisco IP wireless phones to businesses in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and all of Canada. If you are looking for new IP phones, we recommend a used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or used Cisco CP-7972G. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our website today.

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