What is SMARTnet and is it Right for You

We get many enquiries from people searching for or asking for alternatives to Cisco SMARTnet.  Why?  Is there something wrong with it? Not at all.  Cisco SMARTnet problems are not different than the problems of other products and services.  No one product can be everything to everybody. This blog post defines what SMARTnet is and will help you decide if the plan is right for you.

What is SMARTnet?

SMARTnet is a maintenance plan that is set in place for Cisco equipment you purchased with Netcon Solutions. The price of the plan depends on the piece of equipment and the level of service that is required. Customers who purchase the SMARTnet plan usually receive online or phone support for any technical issues that could arise from day-to-day use.  There is also an option for on-site support.

If there is a malfunction with the hardware, an authorized Cisco partner will replace parts or the entire unit in between 4 to 24 hours. The contracts are usually for a period of twelve (12) months; however, multiple year contracts are also available as well.

Is SMARTnet Right For You?

Before making any purchases or decisions, it is important to analyze the effect that unexpected issues would have on your business, in terms of money. Based on your findings, choose the correct SMARTnet offerings that will protect you and ensure maximum performance & ROI.

Many customers pay good money for this valuable service and don’t really use it to its fullest. Others don’t take the time to consider how much value they’re getting from their SMARTnet. They pay for it when the costs may outweigh the value.

An authorized Cisco Network Consultant, such as Netcon Solutions, will be able to pinpoint your company IT needs and ensure that you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted the I’s before making your decision.

About Netcon Solutions

Netcon Solutions was established in 2001 and since has become one of the leaders in used and refurbished Cisco and networking equipment in Canada and North America. We carry a very large stock of used Cisco routers and switches as well as Extreme, Foundry, Nortel & 3Com networking equipment. Our corporate headquarters is located in Markham, Ontario.

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