Building a Lab on a Budget? Purchase Used Cisco Equipment

Finding the right equipment to design your own network can be challenging, costly, and time consuming. Netcon Solutions is a reputable reseller of used Cisco equipment. Our catalogue of products includes CCIE equipment, CCNA equipment, and CCCNP equipment. If you are in the market for used Cisco equipment, you have come to the right place.

Used cisco equipment buyers guide

There are several ways that you can purchase used Cisco equipment. The three main ways include, purchasing your equipment through an independent Cisco re-seller, a user-to-user Cisco re-seller, or an authorized Cisco re-seller. All three options are valid and will provide you with a large selection of used Cisco equipment. Yet, certain options like the independent re-seller will provide better prices, while an authorized re-seller will generally offer Cisco warranties. The two safest options for used Cisco equipment tend to be the independent and authorized re-sellers.

User-to-user re-sellers

User-to-user is the least safe option as the seller is usually an individual who stumbled upon the equipment, obtained it from an auction for cheap and has decided to re-sell it, and usually has little knowledge about the product they are selling.

Independent re-sellers

This type of re-seller is generally a business that specializes in reselling used Cisco equipment, CCIE equipment, CCNA equipment, and CCCNP equipment. While they don’t usually offer official Cisco warranties, they will offer an in-house warranty in order to guarantee the quality of the product. These types of re-sellers have strict quality control measures and work hard to provide clients with high quality refurbished products at a fraction of the list price.

Authorized re-sellers

Similar to the independent re-seller, the authorized re-seller sells used Cisco equipment at a cheaper price than Cisco directly, but they usually are more expensive than an independent re-seller. In addition, they typically offer official Cisco warranties on their equipment and they are held to strict standards by Cisco.

Where should I buy my products?

The answer to this question depends on your budget. If you are looking for CCIE equipment, CCNA equipment, or CCCNP equipment at a steal of a price, an independent re-seller may be your best bet. They will offer competitive prices and a decent selection of used Cisco equipment. A user-to-user re-seller will often have the absolute best prices, but their equipment isn’t held to any quality controls and there are no guarantees that it will work as intended or advertised. Finally, authorized re-sellers will offer working equipment at a higher price than a typical independent re-seller.

Netcon Solutions is located in Toronto, Ontario and is dedicated to providing companies throughout the GTA with reliable network solutions. If you have any questions about used Cisco equipment, please feel free to contact us today.

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