Useful Tips for Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Used Cisco equipment can match new Cisco equipment in terms of quality. You just need to establish that the supplier you are buying your apparatus from is someone you can rely on. Read on the article to find out how you can procure top-notch used equipment.

In terms of quality, Cisco networking equipment is unmatched. Everything from routers to IP telephony is considered to be top-rated models that you can purchase with satisfaction.

Yet, many businesses hesitate to buy Cisco equipment for the sole the reason that they are so costly. Start-ups and small businesses in particular have this issue. Larger businesses have the financial resources to buy expensive equipment, but smaller enterprises don’t.

That being stated, no business, big or small, wants to compromise on the quality of its equipment. Business owners know well that when using inferior equipment the level of their own services will drop. The challenge for owners thus becomes that they need to find out a way to get quality equipment in the fraction of the cost.

Enter used Cisco equipment. Such equipment comes at a fraction of the cost. As for the equipment quality, it is as good as the new one. You just need to make sure you have received it from a reputable dealer. These dealers will provide you with adequate warranty as well, removing all fear regarding such equipment. The warranty they provide generally is in line with ones provided by the original equipment manufacturer. That eliminates most of the reasons why to hesitate from buying used Cisco equipment.

In case the equipment malfunctions, reputable dealers will be willing to provide a replacement. There is quite a competition among the dealers that provide used networking equipment and they know well that if they fail to provide service, the clients have other options as well. This keeps them on their toes and ensures quality products for the buyers.

You can reap the cost benefits while buying the equipment from reputable third-party vendors. Again, you shouldn’t need to worry about quality when purchasing from them as well. These vendors follow the industry-standard detection procedures to ascertain the quality of the products they provide. Their Quality Assurance team ensures that the equipment they deal with is of the optimum quality. They will put the equipment through a rigorous testing process, eliminating any chances of clients receiving substandard products. And if there is an issue with quality after all, they are always willing to replace the product.

You won’t face any problems when buying used Cisco equipment, be it switches, routers or wireless equipment. You simply need to establish the fact that the supplier has been in the market for some time with an impressive track record before moving forward.

Network I.T. is also acknowledged for offering excellent customer support. They are backed by a team of knowledgeable and courteous professionals, who do their best to provide excellent assistance to the customers. With the aim to keep I.T. “Green,” the company follows environmentally sound business practices.

As a legitimate reseller, Network I.T. can give you a good value for your product. Network I.T. specializes in:

                a.            CCIE Equipment

                b.            CCNA Equipment

                c.             CCNP Equipment

So, if you can’t currently afford to purchase brand new Cisco equipment, you can rely on us to help you save money and still benefit from the high end technology by purchasing used Cisco equipment from us. For order status, delivery status, or billing information pertaining to any of the Cisco equipment we sell, feel free to call us.

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