How Does Wireless Voice over I.P. (VoIP) for Phones Work?

Wireless VoIP phones, as the term suggests, is a phone freeing you from the constraints of wires.  It is similar in look and functionality to regular VoIP phones. However, on the wireless ones, the Ethernet port on the phone is not required to connect to a network LAN or, for that matter, your computer in order for the phone to work.

A wireless VoIP Phone is a VoIP Phone with a built-in transceiver unit (Wi-Fi or DECT) connecting to an access point. This allows one to move freely around their home and or office while conducting a phone conversation. You can even send and receive calls at a wireless hotspot.

       Wireless VoIP allows you and your employees to                                                                                                       

  • Wander about the office while staying available.
  • Leave the desk to assist customers directly from warehouse or sales floor.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by decreasing response time to events or questions.


 There are two basic types of wireless VoIP phones.  The type you choose will determine how it is connected to your network:

 WiFi VoIP Phones

A wireless access point is required in order to connect and register with a service provider or PBX switch. These phones normally work with the 802.11b/g standard and will scan to find the nearest access point.  The majority of WiFi VoIP phones are cordless but there are some models with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

 DECT VoIP Phones

 DECT VoIP phones have a base station that is hardwired to an internet connection where then the signal is transmitted wirelessly to a handset. These are single-line phones, have a range of 300 square feet from the base station, with signal repeaters available when you need to increase the handsets’ range from the base station.

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