To Run Your Network as Efficiently as Possible You Need Juniper Routers and Switches

Every business owner and operator needs a computer network, even if they think they do not. Most entrepreneurs start off with a laptop, an internet connection, a phone, and maybe a printer/scanner in their living room.

However, as you earn more and more revenue, as well as start hiring employees, you will most likely move to a dedicated commercial office space with your staff.  You will then have to connect your computer and computer accessories to those of your employees, so you all can keep in touch throughout the workday and become more productive.

This is the formation of your computer network. It may have seemed simple at first, and it probably was, but your needs will become increasingly complex, as will your network by default.

Every business owner and operator should understand and utilize their business network as efficiently as possible. Speed counts for a lot, whether you have employees transferring files between each other, or you need to host a company blog that loads quickly. To this end, you need to consider using Juniper routers and switches. If you do not currently have routers and switches connected to your network, you should consider adding them.

Switches are paramount for any network because they manage network traffic. See, data is often too large to send over a network in one piece. Therefore, data is broken up into pieces called packets and sent along the network in parts. These parts are then re-assembled on the destination computer, reviving the data that you sent to your recipient. Unless your recipient is well-versed in networking and computer fundamentals, he or she will not be aware of this specific process.

Switches are a great addition to any network because they increase the capacity and speed that you can send data on your network. This means you can send larger files faster to your recipients. Speed means everything when you are constantly working under deadline, and even when you are not. Clients and customers enjoy receiving files faster and adding Juniper switches can boost your relationship with them, not to mention you are making your business network much more efficient in doing so.

Routers are also a useful addition to any network. Instead of connecting computers to each other like switches, routers connect networks of computers to networks of computers. This means that every time your business network connects to the network of customer 500 miles away, you are using a router to do so.

This is a fundamental difference. As such, you need routers and switches to increase your network’s capability and efficiency, both between computers within your network, and when connecting to computers outside your network. Using Juniper routers and Juniper switches can help you do this. Improve your network’s speed and efficiency today!

When building your network, either for the first time, or continuously as you progress your business, you need to be forward thinking and consider the future usage and needs of your network. As your business grows, the requirements of your network will as well. You need IT equipment that can do the job and routers and switches are no exception.

For the best in network efficiency and capability, choose Juniper routers and Juniper switches. Having a faster, more efficient, network will pay you back tenfold as you will be able to complete your work quicker and for much more satisfied clients and customers. The difference will be clear. For more information on how to make your network more efficient, or to fulfill your networking needs, visit Netcon Solutions, serving Toronto and the GTA, either online at their website, or in-store, today.

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