Cisco SMARTnet is a Great Addition to any Cisco Product

In any transaction, as you have time and time again, buying the best does not stop once you purchase the initial product. Like any product worth its price, you need to figure out the costs to maintain, support, upgrade, and improve your product over its lifespan. This is fundamental to ensuring you can maximize your use of the product.

The same is no different when you purchase any Cisco product. In order to maximize your use of your Cisco products, you should really consider purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet contract as well.

Think of Cisco SMARTnet as a support contract that guarantees you regular maintenance, as well as special channels to contact Cisco, over a specific timeframe. It is no different than any other warranty for any other product in that regard, with the exception that Cisco products are quality and so too are their contracts. When you buy the best, you should want to maintain the best as well.

You can contact Cisco directly by phone, email, or website, and they will respond to your query on a pre-set time frame, depending on the level of SMARTnet contract you have.  Cheaper contracts cost less, but they also include slightly longer timeframes so you should be aware of that when looking over the different types of SMARTnet contracts you can purchase for your products.

Cisco’s reputation is stellar, and not only for their product lines. While their products are top-notch, they also fulfill their contracted SMARTnet requirements as well. You can rest assured that Cisco will go the extra mile for you and their reputation is living proof of this. After all, if they did not, their reviews would not be as positive as they are today.

Ease of Contact

With a SMARTnet contract, you can contact Cisco via several different forms of communication. You can phone, you can write them online, and you can access online forums for assistance via the Cisco Knowledge Base. These options are great for IT workers who have questions regarding their Cisco products, especially the forums.

The forums will be filled with individuals who have already solved the same issues that you are experiencing. This means you can maintain and improve your Cisco products faster and more efficiently. Time is money. Purchasing a SMARTnet contract will free you up to make more.

The Ability to Upgrade Software

With a SMARTnet contract, you are given the right to upgrade the software on Cisco products that are paired with contracts. This is a great feature because ensuring that your software is upgraded to the latest version will ensure that any open vulnerabilities that have been caught will be dealt with.

As a result, you get a Cisco product that is more resistant against vulnerabilities as a result, as well as your business by extension. Networks are like a chain link. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a SMARTnet contract, even if for no other reason than to ensure your Cisco products are always up to date and as efficient as possible for your business networking needs.

For more information about the benefits of a Cisco SMARTnet, you should consider contacting Netcon Solutions, which has served the Toronto and GTA communities and local businesses. Every business owner and operator that has the IT budget for it should seriously consider purchasing Cisco products and SMARTnet contracts. Their IT department will become much more efficient and capable, and the business will be more productive, as a result. To learn more, you can either visit us in-store, or contact us online at our website.

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