Time to Invest in Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones: 4 Major Reasons VoIP is the Future for Business Communication

It’s not uncommon to see households ditch landline phones for smartphones nowadays. The added convenience and portability can make traditional phones obsolete for many families. And for businesses, a similar change can be seen with Voice over Internet Protocol phones, or VoIP.

VoIP is an umbrella term for a variety of devices and technologies allowing for easy communication through an IP network, usually the Internet. For a variety of reasons, VoIP is the ideal solution for an increasing number of companies now. Here’s why.


VoIP systems are cheaper to deploy and use than conventional phones, especially when it comes to long-distance calling. Because VoIP technologies can be open source, they are not subject to the policies of a third party provider. As a result, there aren’t any international fees or hard limits on how many devices can be connected.

The equipment for VoIP can be cheap to source as well. Refurbished or second-hand devices like used Cisco IP & wireless phones are readily available for many organizations. Buying used might be your best option, especially if you can score a warranty.


One great thing about VoIP is that it’s available anywhere an Internet connection can reach. That means certain locations where standard phone signals are inaccessible, such as airplanes, can still be used for Internet calling.

Simply bring a headset with you whenever you’re traveling, and you can enjoy cheap phone calls almost anywhere. Plus, some VoIP systems can be accessed through email as well, with some services offering email transcription as a feature.


As mentioned, because some Internet phone systems are open-source, your company can have full control over it at all times, giving you peace of mind when it comes to cost and reliability.

Also, you can also buy VoIP converters, essentially USB sticks that plug into your computer and convert analog phone signals into digital ones for transmission over the Internet. Some services even allow you to acquire your own VoIP number for convenient calling.


For you business users out there, VoIP also enables you to make multimedia calls. Video conferencing and file sharing are all possible through the service. This way, you can attend important meetings while traveling without being physically present in the boardroom.

Other features offered by modern IP phone systems include auto attendant, answering machines, and call waiting. Some companies have even managed to hook up their VoIP service to serve as terminals for security systems, lighting, and heating controls throughout the building.

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  • Voice over Internet Protocol offers several benefits over traditional landlines and cell phone services. Modern businesses should consider adopting this new advance in communications technology.
  • Thanks to its fully online operation, VoIP is cheaper, more convenient, more available, and offers more features than traditional counterparts. Companies can take full control of their communication lines with VoIP.
  • Adopting Voice over Internet Protocol is cheap and easy. Pick up any used Cisco IP & wireless phone from Netcon Solutions today.

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