Quick Guide to Cisco Certifications and How They Affect Your Purchasing Decisions for Used Cisco Equipment

CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are technical certifications provided by Cisco that indicate skills in business networking. At the professional level, workers can use these certifications to find jobs and earn higher salaries, while recruiters use them to find experienced employees.

Plus, knowing the certification of your employees can also indicate the kind of networking equipment your organization needs. To find out whether you need CCIE, CCNA, or CCNP equipment, read on to find out about these Cisco certifications.

Types of Certifications

In order to obtain a certification, an IT worker must:

  • Choose a certification track (i.e. a specific field) he or she would like to specialize in.
  • Study through official training courses offered by Cisco
  • Attend a proctored examination
  • Recertify in the future if necessary

The certification tracks offered as of now are Cloud, Collaboration, Cybersecurity Operations, Data Center, Design, Industrial, Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Wireless.

On top of that, there are 3 major tiers of certification for each category – CCIE, CCNA, and CCNP. Let’s look into what each one encompasses.


A Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, is a certified technician with a basic understanding of networking. These workers are capable of dealing with small-to-medium-sized business networks. The certification is widely sought after by aspiring IT technicians wanting to advance their careers with job-focused training.


The Cisco Certified Network Professional, or CCNP, denotes an intermediate-level technician capable of dealing with larger networks. The certification requires one full year of networking experience to obtain. Full-time system administrators and LAN/WAN infrastructure workers are commonly CCNP-certified.


Finally, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, or CCIE, is designed to help businesses find the cream of the crop when it comes to network infrastructure skills. Workers with this certification are ready to take on the most challenging business networks. The program continually keeps itself updated to preserve its applicability and value. In addition to a written test, there’s also a laboratory exam involved in obtaining one.

Other Tiers

Cisco also offers the entry-level CCENT and CCT certifications as great starting points for brand new aspiring professionals. While not as prestigious as the others, these technicians are still capable of diagnosing and repairing Cisco components at consumer sites.

There is also the CCAR Architect certification, the highest accreditation that can be given to a senior-level network infrastructure architect. These technicians can handle the technical demands of global organizations when it comes to complex networks.

Relevance in Buying Used Cisco Equipment

If you’ve ever searched on online marketplaces for used Cisco equipment, there’s a good chance you’ve seen VoIP, terminals, routers, switches, and security lab kits being described by a certification. Knowing who’s in your IT department can help you make informed buying decisions.

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