Three Reasons You Should Purchase a Cisco SMARTnet Contract

Small business owners often purchase great-quality devices like Cisco products because Cisco is an industry leader in information technology. However, simply purchasing a product is not enough. When purchasing anything for your business, you need to consider the cost of maintaining that product until it is replaced. The answer is a Cisco SMARTnet contract.

When you purchase Cisco products, you have the option to purchase a SMARTnet contract. Think of these contracts as warranties, which are active for a specific amount of time and provide a specific amount of coverage. Depending on your information technology needs, specific coverage may be needed.

Here are three of the most common reasons why you should purchase a SMARTnet contract.

Software Tools

In the event that some issue occurs with your Cisco product, and it is a software issue, you may be able to use software tools in order to resolve your issue, or upgrade your device. Without a contract, the ability to fix your Cisco product becomes more difficult.

If you do not have the staff on hand with the technical knowledge required to troubleshoot Cisco devices, or you do but they are not available and cannot work on your Cisco devices, you should consider purchasing a SMARTnet contract for each Cisco device you use.

Cisco Product Replacement | Cisco SMARTnet

One of the best benefits of a SMARTnet contract is product replacement. If your Cisco device breaks down, you can get it replaced in record time. After contacting Cisco via the Telephone Assistance Center, you will be able to talk to a Cisco engineer who will be able to diagnose your Cisco device issue.

Once you describe your issue to him or her, he or she will be able to determine whether your device can be replaced. Your device will be shipped to your business. This is a great benefit, especially since you can save the cost of an identical Cisco device for every device that you buy, if your Cisco products break down during the agreed-upon warranty period. Instead of thinking of contracts as money lost, think of them as money saved.

Cisco SMARTnet for Increased Efficiency in the Office

Every second counts in business, especially if you rely on a business network in order to conduct business. Whether HR needs to communicate with payroll, or a sales staff member needs to communicate with a member of the marketing department, your business network needs to be functional.

Once the business network goes down, this communication becomes much, much harder. If you run a large business, communicating without the business network may seem impossible. You need your business network up and running to ensure that in-office productivity does not falter.

Cisco SMARTnet contract provide that increased efficiency. Sure, the cost of a contract adds slightly to the price of the device. However, should anything go wrong, that SMARTnet contract will be worth its weight in gold (metaphorically-speaking).

If you have a Cisco product and want extended coverage, purchase a Cisco SMARTnet along with it. The benefits that you receive from a SMARTnet contract are significant, and may even be able to cover the cost of the contract itself. Netcon Solutions in Toronto and GTA can help. Contact us for more information, or visit us at our website online today.

  • SMARTnet contracts provide you with access to software tools, which you can use to upgrade your Cisco products.
  • SMARTnet contracts give you the ability to have your device replaced, should it need to be replaced.
  • SMARTnet contracts provide increased efficiency in the workplace as a result of strengthening your business network, and increasing its productivity.

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