Three Non-Traditional Things You Can Do with Juniper Routers

Many business owners either throw out or get rid of equipment they no longer feel they need. While this can be a prudent way to free up storage space, it denies these businesses of the ability to reuse common IT parts that can find a second life being used for some other means. Reusing hardware is great because it is cost-effective, and you can actually increase the abilities of your computer network, simply be retooling hardware that you originally used for a different purpose.

When it comes to computer hardware, a lot of devices can be used and re-used. essentially, unless a component inside the hardware breaks, there may be an alternative use for practically any devise. Some devices are marketed this way! Take cellphones for example. Many people use them as full-blown computers, not just for their texting and calling needs. The same is true for network routers.

Routers are great for helping business networks transfer data between computers. However, routers can be used for so much more than that, especially when it comes to wifi, the extension of a wifi signal, or the increased strength of a wifi signal. If you are interested in the non-traditional uses for routers, then this article is for you.

We will discuss the top three non-traditional uses for routers which you can put to good use in your own business network in the context of a wifi network.

Use Your Juniper Routers as Access Points

Wifi is great, when you get a strong enough signal. There may be some areas of your business which simply do get get a strong enough signal to ensure seamless LAN wifi coverage. Luckily, a router can help you out. You can turn your router into an access point. All you need to do is to turn off the router’s DHCP port and plug the Ethernet cable into your one of your router’s switch ports, rather than the WAN port. In no time at all, you now have an access point with a strong wifi signal.

Use Your Juniper Routers as Wifi Signal Repeaters

A wifi repeater is slightly different than an access point. While the end goal is the same, the process of extending a wifi signal is different. Instead of plugging an Ethernet cable into your router and connecting it to the network, you simply add some firmware to configure your router as a repeater. No cables, no problem. The router will now collect wifi signals from the airwaves and “repeat” them, thereby boosting your wifi coverage.

Use Your Juniper Routers to Secure Your Wifi

Every business that values information security should invest in a VPN, or virtual private network. While VPNs exist in the context of internet browsing, they can also exist in local office intranets. By turning on your router’s built-in VPN client and server (or adding some firmware if your router does not come with it pre-installed), you can secure the transmission of data around the office. Ensuring that information is confidential, accessible, and maintains its integrity is paramount to ensuring that your office and your office’s operations are secure.

Extend the capabilities of your office’s business network via the use of Juniper routers and Juniper switches. Make sure that your office can function well, in addition to sending information and data securely, with the use of routers. For more information about business hardware, consider contacting Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA. You can visit us online at our website today to learn

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